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When I looked at the Unbirth's symbol I saw that the heart inside it was cut into three pieces. There are three pieces needed for something to exist, a 'Heart', a 'Body', and a 'Soul' Maybe the Unbirth's came first, and were somehow seperated into the Heartless, Nobodies, and an unknown third, enemy that represents 'Soul'.

Unbirth's are the enemy that represents the soul... I think...NobodiewithaHeart 22:35, 17 November 2008 (UTC)

if i could see a picture of a normal unbirth i would probably have a theory.-dxmagma

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Why not... go take a look at the Birth By Sleep trailer/gameplay ? There're quite a few clips on YouTube. I know the generic unbirth looks somewhat blue and pointy, and his curves are well defined. (I know that sounds so wrong !)

And yes, I have a feeling that the Unbirths represent the soul.