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My stats after Deep Jungle are the following:

Sora Level 17 Max HP 33 Max MP 3 Max AP 5 Strength 17 Defense 12 Abilities: Slapshot, Berserk, Dodge Roll, Tech Boost, Sonic Blade, and Guard.

Donald Level 14 Max HP 24 Max MP 3 Max AP 3 Strength 10 Defense 9

Goofy Level 18 Max HP 36 Max MP 2 Max AP 5 Strength 11 Defense 11 Abilities: Rocket, Jackpot, Charge, and Treasure Magnet.

I have the following accessories: Protect Chain, Protera Chain, Brave Warrior, Ifrit’s Horn, Inferno Band, and White Fang.

Based on all this, what setup is recommended heading into Traverse Town Part 2? Like who should i equip with certain accessories and which abilities?GamerNickWX (talk) 22:25, 11 March 2024 (UTC)