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It seems that nowadays this wiki is not difference from msn or friendster, people come here to make an account to brag how high and mighty they are, clogging the recent changes section with talk pages edits, but no editting to the main article. XienZo is the only editor nowadays and probably me, provided that if I have the time here.

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I'm sorry about that but I have just came back from vacation and I entered school last Wednesday. I've been a little busy and also I don't know how to expand the articles in need of expansion, it is just that they are so little that I don't know what else can be add. Also I was a regular user until the last week of January. Bluer and Azul are on wikibreak and I don't know about the other users. I really appreciate what you have done for the wiki. You are a really good contributor but just wait for the new games, there I'll contribute a lot to the wiki (and TSD too ;))! =D EDIT: now that I think so, this wiki doesn't have that much forum activity
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Too...much...homework...Damn Language arts Teacher... must... hate.. trees.