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will kh ever come to an end i'm not trying to like say this just popped into my head but when i was listening to kh union episode 7 they were talking abou kh3 being the end i didn't beleive that but when i saw other people were talking about it i started to get worried i'm simply just saying when will it be the end?

Well in his latest interview he hinted about a new series of games that are not based on sora, I bet they will be about the keyblade wars. Interview at the main page of KHINSIDER. ---Siegleeagle

I think that if they were to ever make a tv series out of kingdom hearts that the keyblade wars would be a good idea for it instead of creating a whole other series of games, especially because that way I can see it insteaad of having to go out and buy games constantly. Besides if they made a tv series out of it, they would familiarize more people to the series, making it possible to expand the Kingdom Hearts merchandising chain of action figures, clcothes, etc. I'd buy it. I think making it a tv series would gain the creators alto of money. But it's all up to them, besides I'm getting tired of Sora anyway. I mean something goes wrong, he saves the day again and again like a broken record. Something bad needs to happen. (Leviathan657 17:58, February 20, 2010 (UTC))

Yesh, it's gonna end just like how Star Wars ended. BLUER一番 04:59, February 23, 2010 (UTC)