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Here, you can talk about Gummi Ships. Here's the first topic that I'm bringing up. (This way nobody else has to.) Teeny Ship formations. What are some good uses for them. There's basic formation (which I believe is the yellow one). There's follow up, which is green. There's lead on, which is blue. And then there is Spiral Formation, which I believe is orange. Their ex formations in the same order involve, turning left and right for basic formation. For follow up, the ships spin when they follow you. For Lead on, the ships spin in a manner like spiral formation except their directly infront. And for Spiral formation, is a wider reverse spiral. I also should mention the Frenzy formations. (Since their nature is unusual, you can come up with names for them.) There's the Red formation (which is the one they will be on unless you change their formation). And there's the Blue Formation. I know that ex-blue formation has the enemy literly flying behind the enemy and shooting them. (Aka, great for breaking their defence.) I might add some info if I find some. Now. . . DISCUSS! Learner4 17:14, 14 August 2009 (UTC)

Ok, I found out something about the Frenzy Blue formation. (You know, the mode you enter when your medal level hits 30.) Turns out that the blue formation doesn't have an Ex option. Its simply your teeny ships getting straight in the enemy's face. Now the red formation has an ex formation. If anybody finds out what it does, tell us. Learner4 20:06, 14 August 2009 (UTC)