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Yumekai627: Terra can't be Xehanort? at least evidence doesn't support this, we have to remember that Sora's nobody Roxas can use the keyblade, because Sora can use the keyblade and if Terra was Xehanort then Xemnas would be able to use the keyblade right? This could only be disproved if it is possible to lose the heart to wield the keyblade. Can anyone prove or disprove that Terra is Xehanort?

Ataradesu]] Qu'as-tu fait à son coeur ?
Vsymbol.png Well we can't prove or disprove anything. The keyblade was meant to be handled by Riku. His heart has allowed the darkness within him, and then he was unable to use a pure keyblade. If Terra is indeed Xemnas, then he's 150% EVIL and thus, can't use keyblades on his own, unless he was able to create a dark one, which he didn't. But whoever Xemnas is, the keyblade point is irrevelant. BBS will show us his past. Since Xehanort shows up at the end, whoever he is, he's one of the main characters, so he used a keyblade before (weither he is Master Xehanort, Vanitas, Ven, Terra...). And don't forget Sora was still alive, thus making Roxas special.

Is Terra Zehanoto :

Cons :

- Why doesn't Mickey remember Terra, since he recognized immediately Xemnas, while this one differs from Xehanort ?

Pros :

- Hairstyle

- Terra turning to the darkside at the end of the game (he wouldn't just turn and then get killed, it would be lame since they're hinting that scene since BBS video and during the whole game, by allying dark beings)

- Xemnas referring to Aqua as a friend

- Terra is the only one in the game to have an appropriate height, matching Xemnas'

- He has a lot of connexions to Riku(he even chosed him to be the keyblade's wielder). Xehanort's hearless tells Riku "they are similar".

- It can't be Ven Aqua nor Vanitas (we've seen the shape of his eyes, colour of skin, and he's too small)

- His hatred toward Master Xehanort animated the lingering sentiment, a powerful emotion, maybe that's why it's the only thing he remembered.

- It can't really be "Master Xehanort", there would like, no cliffhanger at all !

Theory :

Maybe Terra absorbs Master Xehanort's essence, the way Repliku did it to Zexion, thus becoming more evil and powerful, enough to control the Kingdom Hearts and trying to raise Ven ? Or maybe to redefine the universe ? Then he would be stopped by Aqua and lost all of his memory ? This would explain all the clothing references with Riku and Xehanort's heartless.

But if you bring up the absorbing essence maybe vanitas absorb's Terra's essence, but both of them being complete beings the results differing?

Well, why not. But since Terra is the hero and main character, I don't think so. Vanitas is deeply linked to Ven, not Terra. I'd rather see Terra, after Ven's death, absorbing Vanitas and Xehanort after defeating them, in order to have enough power to save his friend or to rule the world and prevent anything as tragic as a friend's loss to ever happen again... but the anger might alter his judgment, maybe he wants the end of the world to create an eternal blitz... Nomura likes those kind of stories. Terra is too important to just die at the end, 5 minutes after turning to the dark side.--Ataradesu 23:02, December 27, 2009 (UTC)