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Okay, so we know that Terra looks around Riku's age 10 years ago. We also know that Terra's eyes turn yellow at the end of the Keyblade wars. Some may know that Terra/Riku, Aqua/Kairi, and Ven\Sora all have similar Japanese meanings. So I agree that they are the parents of Riku, Sora, and Kairi. But Each of them have different paths by Kingdom Hearts.

Terra-His eyes turned yellow which means he has given in to the darkness. He and Xeanort have the same hair style. So I think he became Xehanort and the Ansem and Xemnas (The genetics would explain why Riku is so atracted to darkness). Think about it. Xemnas was talking to Aquas armour in KHIIFM+. So I think he feels responsible and is taking to her armour as he would to her.

Aqua-She died during the Keyblade wars and Terra kept her armour.

Ven-He looks so much like Roxas because he is Roxas. When Sora lost his heart, his nobody reincarnated itself in Ven and Xemnas made him Roxas. Xemnas liked Roxas so much because they knew each other as Terra and Ven.

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FA icon.png See Talk:Terra, Talk:Ven and Unbirth for our responses to this theory. Methinks Ven is Sora's Unbirth, and Terra, despite the uncanny resemblance to Xehanort, isn't Xehanort...

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Why can't Terra be Xenahort? Why did Xemnas make Sora's nobody into Ven? Augment96 00:07, 2 February 2009 (UTC)

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FA icon.png There already is evidence that Terra isn't Xehanort, though we're not sure how true this is.

And as for Ven, he is not Sora's Nobody, he's Sora's Unbirth. It's evident. In the official trailer we see Ven and Terra in the Destiny Islands' Main Island, and Ven is seen asking Terra, "You're my friend right ? Erase me". Now, he may have been suicidal at that point, but Nomura himself stated that Unbirths are the opposite of human life. They need to die for their human counterparts to be born.

Note too, that Terra sees young Sora and Riku sword-fighting, and Terra is alone at that point.

Helping others always comes before asking others for help. TroisNyxÉtienne

What is this evidence that Terra can't be Xenahort? But what makes an Unbirth different from a Nobody? How come Sora and Riku don't remember seeing Ven and Terra? Why can't Ven kill himself? "They need to die for their human counterparts to be born" statement doesn't make sense. Sora was already alive when Ven was alive. So, I'm a little bit confused. And even if that statement was true, it still doesn't explain why Roxas looks like Ven. Augment96 04:47, 2 February 2009 (UTC)

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FA icon.png If evidence is what you ask for, here it is : firstly, Xehanort's eyes and Terra's eyes. Xehanort's were brown, Terra's are blue. Secondly, it may have been stated that those who had forgotten how to wield the Keyblade cannot wield it anymore, but at least they'll have some memory of it. In the Ansem Reports, Xehanort does not have any memory about himself being a Keyblade master, he seems rather inquisitive about the Keyblade and wonders what power it holds, and even goes on to see which legend about the Keyblade is true in a bid to tap Sora's power, which is rather ironical (if he were really Terra, he would have known about the Keyblade), since he remembers the Keyblade War.

And now, about the Unbirth. If the Heartless are hearts in darkness, and the Nobodies are just... bodies with a lifeforce, then we have one more component which should make the Unbirths. The elements of each person : heart, body and soul. Everyone seems unanimous on the fact that the Unbirths have something gotta do with the soul.

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Didn't Terra's eyes change to brown at the end of the "Birth By Sleep" trailer? Sora lost all of his memories, including how to wield a Keyblade. Roxas had amnesia and forgot that he could wield a Keyblade. Both Roxas and Sora eventually wield the Keyblade again. So, the "lose your memories, lose the Keyblade" theory seems flawed. It could be that he lost his memories of being Terra. Maybe Xenahort remembers everything except for the fact that he was a Keyblade wielder. Maybe the memories of being a Keyblade wielder are gone forever, taken by his former master. But these "things" have the part they represent in their names. HEARTless represent the HEART lost in darkness. noBODIES represent the BODY lost in darkness. So, it seems that an unBIRTH represents a BIRTH of a being in darkness, not in light. Or something like that. 19:13, 10 February 2009 (UTC)

and their all wrong because Nobodies are body AND soul

Maybe the Unbirths represent the souls of beings that becomes lesser nobodies. Powerful nobodies have souls. But it seems that the lesser nobodies have no souls. So, when a lesser nobody is created, an Unbirth is created too. 19:13, 10 February 2009 (UTC)