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Maybe it's time for a single page with contains the symbols from the game and a quick explanation, where it's used and where it comes from (ingame, maybe inspiration from "real" symbols too).

Perhaps many of you feel this is redundant, because every faction has it's own page already. But with every game, we got another symbol or two (some even don't have a standard term by now) so an overview page would be nice, I think.

Here are the symbols, which I consider:

- Heart (from every game's title)
- Heartless
- Nobody
- Unverse
- Keyblade Master (worn by Terra, Aqua and Ventus)
- X/Chi (seen only twice until now: in KHIIFM when Roxas his getting is name, in BBS by Master Xehanort)

- Crown
- Keyhole
- Mickey

Maybe not important:
- Fleur de lies
- Roxas' zipper pull

So, what do you think?--ShardofTruth 16:39, April 5, 2010 (UTC)