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Alright, you Kingdom Heart-ers. Um, Heart-ies? Anyway...rumored release dates are already being whispered about for Birth by Sleep and 358/2 Days, which means we need to start keeping an extra close eye on the info that goes into related articles. I think starting in May, we should officially have a wiki spoiler policy in place to keep down the rumors and also warn about spoilers for those that wish to remain un-spoiled. I'd like the wiki to put together something a little more formal for our Manual of Style about how we're going to handle these things as they come up so there's no argument when they inevitably will. Suggestions? Examples? Delicious cookies? Put it here!
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FA icon.png Should there be like, say, enough media to substantiate it before we put it into the article ? I guess that should go into the MoS. No doubt, it's already in practice... just didn't officially note it down.

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