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Okay, so why is it that people seem to not use the spoiler warnings. I have gone on tons of pages and the BbS story sections have no spoiler warnings. It is rediculous. I bet that probably 200 of my edits have gone to spoiler warnings. We need to do something, because there are some people who don't want exposure to these things, and may not read and see the section. I know that Days got ruined for DTN, and I don't want BbS to be ruined for other users or browsers. User:ZexionTheGamer/Signature

Zexion, is it one or two people, or is it across a wide range of users? If it's just a few people, we should probably drop a polite reminder on their pages, but if it's more widespread, then we might want to post a wiki-wide reminder again. And thank you for helping us with the spoiler tags; those of us trying to stay spoiler-free really appreciate it. BebopKate 03:34, April 8, 2010 (UTC)

Kate, I really don't know how many users it is. All I know is that a ton of the articles I come across with BbS related info don't have the spoiler warnings. It all depends on who starts the pages, but another thing is that I only find them because of someone editing another part of it. I don't know if every user knows the policy though... User:ZexionTheGamer/Signature

Also, sorry for my late reply, I haven't been on in a few days.

It's cool. If you check the history logs you can see who has added what to the article. It's easiest to do this soon after the edit, of course, so sometimes it's hard to track down who did what if there's a bunch of edits after. I'll see what I can do about another spoiler policy reminder, but if you notice someone doing this often, please let them (and us) know about what's going on. Thanks! BebopKate 22:23, April 11, 2010 (UTC)

Okay! User:ZexionTheGamer/Signature