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Nobody.pngEternal Nothingness XIIINobody.png Is it that I'm not supposed to exist? — 16:31, 9 January 2015 (UTC)
Kingdom Key KHD.png Wasn't sure where to put this, both in terms of forums here and here vs. the Keyhole, but I need some help with the following in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, if anyone is willing to give it:
  • Data Demyx - This guy's water forms are annoying as heck. I manage to clear the first few waves using the Wisdom Form -> Firaga -> Ether pattern, and then I manage to knock Demyx's HP down to 1, thus causing him to summon more water forms (unfortunately I can't just beat him beforehand -_-). I try to use the same strategy as I did the first time; I've seen several people successfully clear this battle on YouTube, but whenever I try to do it, I can't get past the wave of water forms in which Demyx summons 99. I'm lucky to get down to 10 forms left in the 28 seconds I'm given; I'm literally mashing Square, so it's not a matter of not casting Firaga fast enough. I have Magic Lock-On equipped, if that helps, but it doesn't seem to be working...
  • Data Luxord - I suck at mini-games. My reaction time is terrible. So because this battle relies on the games Luxord makes you play, I end up spending the whole battle as either a card or a die, unless I get lucky and happen to press the right button. I'm never able to clear Luxord's games successfully, both in terms of his regular "A challenge, is it?" ones and the one that concludes his desperation attack. I know there are cheap strategies that involve pausing the game at certain times, but I can't seem to do that correctly. Any help with this fight would be appreciated.
  • Mushroom XIII - I suck at mini-games. I'll say it again. The only Mushrooms I've managed to appease are No. 4, No. 5, No. 9, No. 10, and possibly No. 2. I try everything under the sun to do what the game wants me to do in order to ace these challenges, and nothing works. I've watched every YouTube strategy and read every article on how to beat these guys. I've tried to replicate everything I've learned, and I always seem incapable of doing so, at least perfectly, if at all.

I'm starting to lose my patience with Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix. I kinda feel like throwing my controller at someone. Any help is appreciated.

Also, a side-note...does anyone know any quick ways to raise my Arena Level? I'm currently lv. 27 and want to reach lv. 28 and lv. 30 so I can face Armor of Eraqus and No Heart, but I don't want to have to go through more stupid mini-games in order to do it, since, as a general note, I suck at them. I cleared Villains' Vendetta last night and managed to clear every Command I seriously have to do Rumble Racing? I hate it...I can't seem to win on the third course, let alone the fourth, which I have yet to unlock. Sometimes I'll clear the command boards and race courses, and I don't level up, when I thought I was supposed to for my

Pea14733 Enjoy every moment with all ya got — 17:48, 9 January 2015 (UTC)
I don't know... but...
  1. For Data Demyx, you'll need Final Form for that wave because Final Form will have much higher damage and range. And you'll also need Ethers. If you're out of the Drive Gauge, stop using Firaga since Explosion is always faster.
  2. I stuck at Luxord as well. I think it really comes down to luck.
  3. For No.2, try to stay far so you can block the projectiles. Reflega + lots of Ether on Donald and Goofy also helps.
  4. For BbS, no. There is no other way to raise the Arena Level. You need to always use the shortcut in each tracks. For Command Boards, you need to win for 9(?) times. You level up with each two victories. For Rumble Racing, you need to win, for each course, under specified duration.

Wait, our wiki doesn't have the Arena Mission list? You can see the Arena Level conditions in the Report right?

KrytenKoro - "An education was a bit like a communicable sexual disease. It made you unsuitable for a lot of jobs and then you had the urge to pass it on."
Can't help you with Data Replicas, but as for Mushrooms:
  • 1. The trick is that there's actually a second reaction command, Quick Slide, after Reversal. The Gamefaqs guide is wrong. It's very hard to get, even harder than Giga Impact or the original Xemnas battle, but once you start getting the timing down (just wait half a beat after Reversal appears), you'll consistently get high numbers of hits.
  • 3. Throw every Draw ability and Draw ring on that you can. Try to anticipate when the booger's gonna dash (it's pretty regular, and if he starts moving up and down the bridge instead of side to side it's a good time to quick run just in case).
  • 6. Final Form, Thundaga, and use Ethers with Item Boost frequently. Like, don't even wait for MP Charge, just throw an Ether on if you're nearly out. It's worth it.
  • 7. Final Form. As soon as you activate it, jump a little, then start mashing reflega. Try to boost your magic stat as much as possible beforehand, and maybe keep an ether just in case you run out.
  • 8. Equip Horizontal Slash and Berserk Charge. Use Cure to empty your mp gauge, rip the Mushroom out, then start hitting him into the air. As soon as you hit him really high up, do one more hit and then start mashing square for dear life. If you can somehow edge him into a corner of the invisible wall, even better.
  • 11. Our guide is the opposite of correct. Use Berserk Charge and anything else that boosts combos, alongside Wisdom Form and an empty MP Gauge. So, Drive to Wisdom, Cast Cure, pull goober, then shoot and avoid.
  • 12. Wisdom Form, Cure, Berserk Charge. Just keep shooting.

Nobody.pngEternal Nothingness XIIINobody.png If you don't believe the words I say...then you had best see the truth with your own eyes. — 18:12, 9 January 2015 (UTC)
Book of Retribution KHD.png Hmm, Final Form for Demyx, eh? I enter the battle with a full set of Ethers, but I fly through them pretty quickly. What happens if I do not have enough points in my Drive Gauge to enter Final Form? After all, I spend the first few waves in Wisdom Form.

There just has to be a concrete way to beat Luxord. There has to be, otherwise, I'll be stuck on him forever and never get a silver crown...

As for the Mushrooms:

  • No. 1 - This is the same problem I have with Luxord. My reaction time is terrible, so I always miss Quick Slide. And when I try to press it when I do see it, the Mushroom doesn't get confused and attacks me instead. I've been trying the Final Form/jump strategy, and the most hits I've gotten is 18...
  • No. 3 - I have both of Sora's Draw abilities equipped and also added Follow the Wind...I don't know how many Draw Rings I have, but I didn't think to add those. I'll see what I can do, but most of my accessories boost AP, so I'd have to unequip a lot of abilities before facing No. 3...I'm not so good at anticipating when No. 3 is gonna drop all of its treasures...I've just been gliding or Quick Running after it, but I never seem to be able to grab everything it drops. I think 354 is the most orbs I've ever managed to collect.
  • No. 6 - I have tried the Thundaga/Final Form strategy several times, but it takes way longer than the amount of time the Journal demands for me to destroy each wave of Mushroom clones...I guess my button presses are just too slow? I don't do anything else but Thundaga...I find when I mash buttons trying to get to my items under a time limit, I make careless errors, such as accidentally reverting from Final Form, which also messes me up...
  • No. 7 - I've tried Final Form + Firaga, and I believe Final Form + Reflega, as well. I just can't defeat No. 7 fast enough.
  • No. 8 - I've gotten very close to the Journal's requirement for No. 8 before, but the only problem I have with it is it hops too far away for me to reach at times, even when I am mashing Square. I also find that for some reason, Sora just starts hovering in the air due to Glide, preventing me from reaching the Mushroom...I suppose I should unequip that?
  • No. 11 - I've done exactly that for No. 11, but I can't seem to do so fast enough, and I'm literally mashing buttons to the point of my controller breaking.
  • No. 12 - Again, I do just that, but I can't seem to do so fast enough.

Now for the BBS mini-games...I guess I'll just have to sit there for hours and grind mini-games. I've already cleared all command boards, but I did not level up after each victory. I've only unlocked the first three race courses, and I'm not very good at that mini-game...the computer players always go faster than me, and I'm not good at mashing buttons quickly enough to put up my barrier to avoid attacks, shoot enemies if they get ahead of me, and maintain speed at the same time. I. HATE. MINI-GAMES!

I do read what the Wiki says about all this, but I can't replicate it. This holds true for every YouTube strategy guide I've ever watched.

KrytenKoro - "Hurricane beats all housing or apartments. This sucker is a Cat-6!"
For No.1, you simply have to use Quick Slide to get good scores on it. I had to practice a lot with it, so just try without going into a Form for a while -- you'll get terrible scores, but you're not going for a win at that point anyway. Honestly, you can't wait for Quick Slide to actually appear -- you have to "feel" it coming up, half a breath before Reversal actually ends. Once you get the timing down, though, the minigame is a piece of cake. Honestly, Final Form seemed like more trouble than it was worth with me -- I just used Wisdom (Berserk Charge might help a little, but eh).

For No. 3, Sora should have three Draw abilities, and you should also have a Draw Ring from the Coliseum and from synthesis. Make sure you're also using Donald and Goofy for both of their Draw abilities. What I mean by "anticipating" is basically -- if it starts moving along the bridge, instead of from edge to edge, go ahead and dash. Even if it's not about to dash, it'll still put you along the trail of orbs.

For No. 6, assign Ether to a shortcut. Also, I forgot to mention to make sure Magic Lock-On is equipped. This one is seriously a test of how rapidly you can get Thundagas out -- only time you should ever pause is if the Mushrooms haven't actually appeared yet, and honestly, it can be worth it to just keep slinging Thundagas and spend the extra Ether later. Also make sure you have every possible MP Haste equipped, just in case you use an Ether too late.

For No. 7, you may just not have high enough Magic stat. I was at level 70 before I was able to toast the booger. Try equipping accessories that boost magic.

For No. 8, probably, yeah. Horizontal Slash only works as part of a combo, so if you ever miss with a hit, you can't abuse it anymore. Might be a good idea to make sure Combo Master is equipped too. When it gets knocked away with a Combo Finisher, it's already over, so it's kind of a matter of luck. If you manage to have magic back by then, and you're close to the requirement, try immediately going into Trinity.

For No. 11 -- only thing I can think of is maybe equip some more combo pluses, maybe Star Seeker or the other one? As long as you're using Berserk Charge and staying close enough to still hit the Mushroom, you should be able to get it with a little luck. If it's still giving you a hassle, try uploading a video to youtube and maybe one of us can take a look at it.

For No. 12 -- try to stay in the middle alleyway unless a lot of them appear on the outer edges, or they appear on top of a pillar. Make sure you are always in MP Charge (use Cure as soon as MP comes back). I kept getting 39 for the longest time because one little booger would appear behind a pillar. Keep hitting lock on to make sure you immediately lock on. It's just a frustrating one that's pretty much up to luck.

MateusinhoEX - King of Beasts sighted!MateusinhoEX 20:47, 9 January 2015 (UTC)
Well, it's a really long time since I played KH2FM for the last time (I don't have a PS3 XD ) then I don't know exactly how I used to beat them, but I already beat everyone aside Xemnas and the Lingering Will in lv1, so I think I can help. One thing I learned that allies for every boss: Make your combo the normal length. No combo pluses. Finishers normally can help you a lot in a battle.
  • For Demyx:I remembered of 2 different tactics I used, but don't know which one ended up being most useful. One is the Wisdom Form + Ether + Firaga, but with MP Charge disabled for it, then when Firaga is unusable, use an Ether, which would reduce the use of Ethers and make the reload quicker. At the same time, equipping one Negative Combo and Fenrir, and using all Finishing Plus available would make Firaga most useful, since we will use more Finishers, which affect a wider area, with less MP. If needed, you can also attack with normal Sora, since Explosion will defeat a lot of forms. Try to finish at least the first challenge this way.
  • For Luxord: The trick here is not luck, it's timing. You need to get it very well, so you always win the clashes. For example, in the one he keeps 4 cards in front of you and change where's the circle (the only one I remember, in fact), I wait a the speed to drop down a little then choose the second command and once the circle shows up in the last card I use it. But you don't need to use this. Just Glide far from him and he will nor hit you, nor transform you. If you end up trasformed, hitting him with a jump will reduce your Drive bar quicker. AFter his card attack 2 hit combo, he is open for attacks. Also, try to hit him with an Aerial Combo when he jumps after summoning two cards. To destroy them use Reflega when they are near. You can also wait for him to jump to you after he summons the card, use Reflega to defend from them, nad the magic will hit him too when he gets near. When he transforms into a lot of cards, pay attention to which is him. If you're not sure, turn the camera around to the right, in the contrary way of the moving cards, so you can see their front. AFter releasing him, he's open for more attacks. For his desperation attack, use Aerial Dodge + Glide, always locking on to him to see where he is. For the final clash, which is needed to win, it changes between circle and cross consecutivelly, rising the speed with each correct command you achieve. Again, timing. You must try a lot until you get it. After you win it, just cast a Blizzaga from the distance to do not get hit.

And for the Mushrooms, which are impossible to beat at lv1. You will see that I used Wisdom Form a lot here XD :

  • For Nº 1: Timing + Wisdom Form with Negative Combo and Fenrir.
  • For Nº 3: Along with the strategy Kryten said, try to use Master Form. It runs kinda quick and his Aerial Dodge travel a great distance and if you predict the Mushroom, you can dodge just at his back, getting everything he drops. If this doesn't work, try Aerial Dodge with Sora instead of Gliding.
  • For Nº 6: Well, I use each of the magics according to the situation. I use Final Form or Sora not transformed. If there are copies is in a horizontal line, I use Blizzaga on the start of it. If there are vertical lines, I use Thundaga. The ones that appear in a V like formation near the wall, I use Thundaga too. The ones in circle, either Firaga or Thundaga. Ethers are highly needed.
  • For Nº 7: Final Form + Reflega and at the end Blizzaga. Equip Your mst powerful Magic Keyblades, such as Ultima Weapon and Fatal Crest.
  • For Nº 8: Had a lot of problem with this. Porbably used Wisdom Form with Negative Combo too. Keep the right distance for the shots to connect. Mantain the distance. You can also try Berserk Charge, instead of Negative Combo, and use Curaga as soon as the bar fills up. Or try the Thundaga tactic, which I sadly never tought of :(
  • For Nº 11: I use Wisdom Form, with Negative Combo and Fenrir and Finishing Plus. Wisdom's Finisher launches a barrage of shots that can potentially deal a lot of hits. You need to get the timing of his jumps to get farter or closer to him for the hits to connect. If he is on the ground, get very close for the hits to connect quickly. Tested this just now, 80% chance to win easily.

EDIT: Revived my PS2 and tested some of those tactics. Luxord and Demyx are good ones, just beat them in the same conditions you are. Mushrooms, only tested Nº 11 and Nº 7. Don't remember how to finish Character Links, sorry :(

Nobody.pngEternal Nothingness XIIINobody.png So, do you hate me for taking your friend away from you? — 20:57, 9 January 2015 (UTC)
Kingdom Key KHD.png Thanks, guys! I'll try this out tonight, perhaps. I just have such terrible luck :/ I hope I don't get so frustrated that I throw my PS3 out the window...I'm level 99 with pretty much all abilities equipped, save for the elemental boosts and Negative Combo. Hopefully my stats are high enough that I can do what needs to be done. Quick question: why can I not complete the Character Links section of Jiminy's Journal? Who's left to encounter? I've beaten the Lingering Will, cleared the Hades Paradox Cup, etc. Who am I missing?

Nobody.pngEternal Nothingness XIIINobody.png Wow. The sun's beautiful. I know we've seen a lot of sunsets, but today's puts them all to shame. If only things could stay like this forever... — 23:35, 10 January 2015 (UTC)
Kingdom Key KHD.png So here's the latest update on my situation:
  • I've beaten the Armor of Eraqus and No Heart in BBSFM
  • I've beaten Data Demyx
  • I've appeased Mushroom VII, XI, and XII

I'm still hesitant about facing Luxord and the other Mushrooms, though...

EDIT 23:52, 10 January 2015 (UTC) - I'm still not sure who I'm missing from the Character Links section...I have all of the members of Organization XIII, Sora, Riku, Kairi, Donald, Goofy, Mickey, Naminé, Ansem, Pete, Maleficent, Xehanort, and the Lingering Will. It would mean a lot if someone with KH2FM would look at their completed character links page and tell me who I'm missing. Thanks in advance!

MateusinhoEX - King of Beasts sighted!— 00:53, 11 January 2015 (UTC)
You already saw everyone that appears in the Characters Links, but I searched around the web, and it seems that, for a reason I still don't know, that it only completes after you see all members of the Mushroom XIII. So, try to finish them first.