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Okay, first off, spoiler alert.

Anyway, in KH1, Sora has only the most basic abilities. Seven simple spells, and a variety of attack techniques that all equate to "swinging the Keyblade a certain way". In CoM, however, he has a truly startling array of attacks, from Holy to Quake to Mega Flare. However, in KH2, although he has a wealth of new Keyblade techniques, they are back down to manipulations of light and Keyblades.

Only in BbS do we see the amount of variation we had in CoM. Now, the mechanical reason is obvious - only the Command and Sleight systems can provide variety while also allowing the player to control their actions without needing to use complicated button combos.

But story-wise...maybe being near Ventus gave Sora a taste of the power of a properly trained Keyblade wielder? I hope this comes back, somehow, in the upcoming Sora game (maybe 3DS, maybe a KH#). When Sora finally finds Ventus, perhaps he trains under him, or possibly he fuses with him. Either way, Sora's going to have to undergo a huge power-boost if he's going to plausibly be the one to defeat Xehanort.