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SO with all that went on in Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep the kingdom hearts universe has for a fair amount of fans become confusing which is why I must bring something up. What we know so far is that Master Xehanort intended to cause the second known Keyblade war in the history of the KHU. The other thing we know is that the series will not end with Xehanort alone, there will be another Saga so the question I'm asking is if anyone thinks that the next saga deals with the Second Keyblade War? But maybe I should voice my reasoning if I'm not clear. What if the end of Xehanort(terra-nort or MX) is only possible with one of the main characters using the power of Kingdom Hearts which unfortunately means the X-blade in use and the unlocking of Kingdom Hearts. New Keyblade wielders gather as a result but I want to hear your opinions on this please.--Xander19 06:40, January 25, 2011 (UTC)