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Okay, so I've asked this back in September, but nobody answered my question. So, if it's okay, I'd like to ask it again...

I hope I'm not being too much of a bother with asking for help over like this, but I'm just so curious to know the translations of the boss attacks, their descriptions, their effects, and whatever else there is (stuff marked with '*1', '*2', or something like that). Besides, I bet it would help you guys update some of the Re:CoM templates.

gallery_6_297_1401809864_60626.jpg gallery_6_297_1401809880_60632.jpg gallery_6_297_1401809894_60640.jpg gallery_6_297_1401809871_60627.jpg gallery_6_297_1401809955_60664.jpg gallery_6_297_1401809945_60662.jpg gallery_6_297_1401809942_60660.jpg gallery_6_297_1401809939_60659.jpg gallery_6_297_1401809938_60658.jpg gallery_6_297_1401809959_60666.jpg gallery_6_297_1401809968_60667.jpg gallery_6_297_1401809970_60668.jpg gallery_6_297_1401809970_60669.jpg gallery_6_297_1401809978_60674.jpg gallery_6_297_1401810115_60729.jpg gallery_6_297_1401810135_60740.jpg gallery_6_297_1401810073_60709.jpg gallery_6_297_1401810115_60731.jpg gallery_6_297_1401809978_60674.jpg gallery_6_297_1401809977_60673.jpg gallery_6_297_1401810034_60693.jpg gallery_6_297_1401810078_60712.jpg gallery_6_297_1401810078_60713.jpg gallery_6_297_1401810132_60739.jpg gallery_6_297_1401810083_60717.jpg gallery_6_297_1401810070_60708.jpg gallery_6_297_1401810115_60730.jpg gallery_6_297_1401810047_60702.jpg gallery_6_297_1401810092_60719.jpg gallery_6_297_1401809993_60682.jpg gallery_6_297_1401810039_60699.jpg gallery_6_297_1401809992_60679.jpg gallery_6_297_1401810047_60703.jpg

Oh, can I also say that the Riku Replica's HP listings are wrong? FFFan91 (talk) 17:35, 9 November 2018 (UTC)

It takes quite some time to translate that information, unless you're speaking Japanese fluently, which is probably why you haven't had a response yet. Also, if you already asked about this on another forum, you can just "bump" it to make it show up in the Recent Changes again, rather than making a new forum. As for Riku Replica's HP, it is correct. It has different HP values between CoM and ReCoM, and the ReCoM values match the scans (since it's the ReCoM ultimania). TheSilentHero 18:06, 9 November 2018 (UTC)
I see now... In that case, I apologize for creating another topic without realizing I could've just "bumped" the previous topic. FFFan91 (talk) 18:30, 9 November 2018 (UTC)