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Hi all. I want to let everyone know before this one becomes a big issue, but be very careful about posting music and music samples on the wiki, either as music files or via YouTube. We are in the gray enough as is with our other media, especially images and video clips; since we intend to use them as illustrative samples without giving away the whole product, we are probably okay for fair use. But I know that we can get in big trouble for having whole songs on the site.

Fair use for music is considered a 30-second or less sample. Anything more than that will be deleted post haste. I've gone through tonight and deleted what I've found; I'm sure I've missed some, so if you find anymore, let me know. If editors post music that violates the rules, let them know (nicely!) about the 30-second rule, and let me or one of the other sysops know so we can delete it.

Thank you. Now, go squash some Heartless/Nobodies/Humans (depending on your mood ^_^).