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...just because a link is red doesn't mean it should be deleted, if it's valid info. The same goes with stub articles. Even if an article or red link is not large enough to warrant it's own page, all official terms should at least have a redirect to where they are actually covered. Deletion should only be used for misnamed or vandalism articles, not just for anything that's not a large article.Glorious CHAOS! 07:12, 29 July 2009 (UTC)

Well at least in my case the red links I've been hunting for are from the Wanted pages, but I usually aim for senseless things like Diablo The Mighty Raven or things that don't fit the wiki like Tetsuya Nomura and in the case of Final Fantasy stuff just direct the link to the FF wiki. In my case I'm trying to short down the Wanted pages list to things we ACTUALLY want, sadly most of thered links are in user pages and user talk pages and I'm not comfortable with editing those without permission. If I deleted a red link which I should't have I apologize, my distracted-ness usually gets the best out of me XD.