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KrytenKoro - "An education was a bit like a communicable sexual disease. It made you unsuitable for a lot of jobs and then you had the urge to pass it on."
Feel free to add your own, or cross these out if they're already answered.
  • How did Xemnas manage to convince the original Organization that they lacked hearts, given that they were previously either Ansem's apprentices or Keyblade wielders, and are shown being able to detect and manipulate others' hearts?
  • Why did KHII and KHD indicate that Roxas was the only Organization member to not remember his past, given No. IX - XII's forgotten pasts as Keyblade wielders?
  • Why did Xemnas not use a Keyblade?
  • Why, exactly, did Terra-Xehanort proclaim to Braig that he was Ansem? Was he being deceitful, or was he confused? Why?
  • What is the exact relation between Disney Town/Castle and Country of the Musketeers? What is the exact relation between Mysterious Tower and Symphony of Sorcery?
  • What all counts as Datascapes? Does it include:
    • Digital worlds: Space Paranoids, The Grid, Game Central Station
    • Digital replicas and their arenas: Garden of Assemblage chambers, Shift Pride, Organization XIII missions in KHUX, Mirage Arena, Flick Rush
    • Digital recreations: Most of KHX and KHUX, KHD Holomissions
    • Worlds created by information: 100 Acre Wood, Symphony of Sorcery
    • Data put within a person that takes the appearance of a place: Ansem's Code (KH3D)
  • Why was it so important to Xehanort that he have Sora/Xion in the Real Organization? If they're just filling spots, why couldn't he use Demyx and Vexen?
  • What was the Real Organization planning to do with Subject X and the other ancient Keyblade wielders? Why did Xehanort proceed with the Keyblade War if he hadn't yet completed this important goal?