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OK, I was wondering recently about why Naminé has no memories of Kairi, when we know (at least I think we know) that Roxas DID have memories of Sora (but they were absorbed by Xion, so he couldn't remember them). I have a few theories on this matter, so bare with me.

  • Preface: We know that at both Roxas and Naminé's 'birth' Sora was in the possession of Kairi's heart, and had become a Heartless to free said person's heart.
  • Theory One: Naminé may not have memories due to the contact of Kairi's heart with Sora's at the time, meaning that whatever was left of Sora's form (at the time of becoming a Heartless), Roxas got the memories of both teenagers (and subsequently lost them due to Xion's 'interference', which could also explain why Xion resembles Kairi [I know already about the 'strongest memory' thing, don't bug me about that]), while Naminé got control of Sora's memories (she's basically the part of Sora's subconscious that recalls memories and therefore can lie to them) but none to herself. I think this is the most speculative and unlikely of my theories.
  • Theory Two: Due to only Sora's heart submitting to the darkness, Kairi's being returned to her body, Naminé was only born due to a residual 'trace' of Kairi within Sora, Kairi's memories being returned to her while Naminé got diddly squat. This is one of the more likely theories.
  • Theory Three: Naminé is technically born from Sora's body and memories, but as Kairi's Nobody, didn't gain access to Kairi's memories like other Nobodies do. I think this is about as likely as Theory Two.

So, tell me what you think, whether or not you agree with them and how big an idiot I am. :) Adam 148 17:25, November 27, 2009 (UTC)

Thanks. I think (from what I've seen of 358/2 Days) that Roxas was actually supposed to remember Sora, which is why Xion looks like Sora near the end, as Xion is a replica of Roxas, she was using Roxas as a medium to gain his memories. Remember that Xehanort's Heartless still had sentience and apparently his memories, yet Xemnas clearly had all his memories (and Sora had sentience, though lacking his physical form when he became a Heartless, and assumedly, all his memories). Also I think due to Xion 'returning to Sora' near the end of 358/2 Days granted Roxas access to his memories (but again, haven't played Days, so I don't know), so I'm not sure how valid your arguments are... XD Adam 148 18:46, November 27, 2009 (UTC)