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Gameplay mechanics[edit]

When the Ultimania for this game comes out, will any gameplay-related content about the game found in the book be included? FFFan91 (talk) 15:10, 1 February 2019 (UTC)


  • Fire - defeat Darkside - Launch a ball of fire that creates a small explosion if it collides with the target. Costs 10 MP.
  • Fira - Launch a ball of fire that creates a large explosion if it collides with the target. Costs 14 MP.
  • Firaga - Launch a ball of fire that creates a huge explosion if it collides with the target. Costs 20 MP.
  • Blizzard - Launch a chunk of ice that freezes the target and blossoms into a small crystal. Costs 12 MP.
  • Blizzara - Launch a chunk of ice that freezes the target and blossoms into a large crystal. Costs 17 MP.
  • Blizzaga - Launch a chunk of ice that freezes the target and blossoms into a huge crystal. Costs 24 MP.
  • Thunder - Strike targets with lightning, electrifying foes and making them harmful to other enemies. Costs 14 MP.
  • Thundara - Strike a narrow radius with lightning, electrifying foes and making them harmful to other enemies. Costs 20 MP.
  • Thundaga - Strike a wide radius with lightning, electrifying foes and making them harmful to other enemies. Costs 28 MP.
  • Cure - defeat the Demon Tide - Restore a little HP to a target and any other nearby friends. Your Magic stat determines the amount. Uses up all remaining MP.
  • Cura - Restore a lot of HP to a target and any other nearby friends. Your Magic stat determines the amount. Uses up all remaining MP.
  • Curaga - Restore a ton of HP to a target and any other nearby friends. Your Magic stat determines the amount. Uses up all remaining MP.
  • Aero - Create a small whirlwind around the target that pulls foes in. You can use the whirlwind as a springboard. Costs 13 MP.
  • Aerora - Create a large whirlwind around the target that pulls foes in. You can use the whirlwind as a springboard. Costs 18 MP.
  • Aeroga - Create a huge whirlwind around the target that pulls foes in. You can use the whirlwind as a springboard. Costs 26 MP.
  • Water - defeat Darkside - Surround yourself with water that arcs toward the target and creates a small splash on impact. Costs 11 MP.
  • Watera - Surround yourself with water that arcs toward the target and creates a large splash on impact. Costs 15 MP.
  • Waterga - Surround yourself with water that arcs toward the target and creates a huge splash on impact. Costs 22 MP.
  • Meow Wow Balloon - Call upon your bond with the Dream Eaters to fully restore your HP and unleash a special power. Requires a full MP gauge and uses all MP.
  • 8-Bit Blast - Call upon your bond with Wreck-It Ralph to restore your HP and unleash a special power. Requires a full MP gauge and uses all MP.

Riku's gameplay[edit]

  • Block: Barrier(?)
  • Reprisal: Counter Blast
  • Circle: Thundaga
  • Triangle: Curaga
  • Square: Hi-Potion
  • X: Ether
Team attack
  • Double Duel



Tilt (L-stick) a little to walk, or a lot to run.
You can adjust the camera by tilting (R-stick). Press (R3) to reset the camera behind Sora.
To jump, press Circle.

When a green situation command appears above the list of commands, that means you can press Triangle to perform a special action.

Combat Basics[edit]


Press X while Attack is selected to attack with Sora's Keyblade. After landing an attack, you can keep pressing the button to chain together a combo. At the end of the combo, Sora will unleash a powerful combo finisher.

Blocking and Evading

Press Square without moving and Sora will block enemy attacks. If you are tilting (L-stick) when you press Square, Sora will dodge in that direction instead of blocking.

Locking On to Enemies

When you approach enemies, Sora will automatically target the closest enemy visible on the screen.

If you press R1, Sora will continue to stay locked on to that enemy. Once locked on, you can press R2 to cycle through other targets.

Casting Magic[edit]

You will learn a variety of magic on your adventure. To cast it, use D-Pad to select Magic from the Command Menu, then choose from the list that appears and press X.

Magic depletes the MP Gauge. If the gauge runs out, it will automatically begin recharging over time.

You can speed up casting by assigning magic to shortcuts via the Customize' menu.

Switching Between Keyblades[edit]

Sora can equip up to three Keyblades at the same time. To switch between them, move the cursor to Attack on the Command Menu and then user (d-pad left/right).

You can change Keyblades as the situation demands—even in the middle of a combo. Try it if you want to add an extra layer of technique to combat.

Free Running[edit]

While moving with (L-stick), you will automatically climb up small ledges and hop across narrow footholds. You don't need to make the jumps yourself.

Hit a dead end? Don't give up! You can run up walls that are faintly glowing. Take a good look around for places you can go!

Save Points[edit]

Those shining patches on the ground are called save points. You can refill your HP and other gauges by standing in the light.

Press Triangle while standing at a save point to open a special menu you can use to save your progress, return to the Title Screen, and more.

The Moogle Shop[edit]

Branches of the Moogle Shop can be found from world to world, each selling valuable items you'll want to stack up on for your adventure.

The moogles are always getting new items in stock, so check back regularly. Do plenty of shopping, and you may receive a nice reward down the line.


If you tilt (L-stick) in midair and press Square to air slide toward walls and poles, you can trigger special moves known as flowmotion.

Press Square} while in flowmotion to do a superslide that lets you quickly traverse great distances.

You can also press X while in flowmotion to perform powerful flowmotion attacks.

Team Attacks[edit]

During your travels, Sora's friends may call for a team attack. If you see a green team attack command appear above the Command Menu, press Triangle to use it.

Some team attacks are useful for exploration, while others deal a punishing blow to enemies. Try them all and learn what they can do.

Grand Magic[edit]

As you use magic to inflict damage on enemies, a gauge above the Command Menu will fill and eventually produce a situation command for the same magic at a higher tier. This is called grand magic.

Grand magic does not require any MP to use.


As you deal damage to enemies with your Keyblade, a gauge above the Command Menu will fill up and eventually produce a green formchange command. Press Triangle to use the command.

While formchanged, your combos will become more powerful and you will gain access to a devistating finishing move that can be activated by pressing Triangle.

The formchange will end once you use the finishing move or after a set amount of time has passed.


While engaging enemies, you may see a green circle appear around one of them. Attacking the marked enemies will cause an attraction command to appear. Press Triangle to use the command.

Attractions are wild, eye-catching attacks that strike a wide radius. Which ones appear depends largely on where you're fighting.


At the Moogle Shop, don't forget to drop by the Workshop, where you can use synthesis materials you collect in your travels to create new items.

Collector's Goals

When you visit the Workshop, you will automatically leave any synthesis materials you've collected with the moogles. Based on what you've collected, you may be presented with rewards.

The Keyblade Forge[edit]

While you're at the Workshop, you can spend synthesis materials to power up your Keyblades, increasing their Strength and Magic stats and unlocking new abilities.

If you're struggling with the enemies ahead, powering up your Keyblade could be a solution.

Photo Missions[edit]

As creative as the moogles are, sometimes they need a burst of inspiration to come up with new ideas.

Travel the worlds and bring back photos of the subjects the moogles tell you about, and you'll be rewarded with brand-new synthesis recipes.

Kupo Coins[edit]

If you are holding a kupo coin when Sora runs out of HP, the power of the moogles will rescue Sora from defeat.

You can buy one kupo coin at a time at the Moogle Shop. The coin will be spent automatically when it is needed.


Shotlock commands allow you to lock on to multiple foes (or the same foe multiple times) and unleash a whole volley of projectiles at once.


Hold R1 and move (L-stick) or (R-stick) to lock on to the enemies of your choice, then press X to unleash the shotlock attack.

Shotlock Types

Each Keyblade has unique shotlock commands. Some are projectiles, while others can be used to heal Sora. In some cases, locking on to the maximum number of targets will result in a more powerful attack.

The Focus Gauge

Shotlock commands deplete the Focus Gauge. To refill the gauge, you'll need to visit a save point, collect Focus prizes, or use items.

Rail Gauntlet[edit]

While riding rail gauntlets, you'll need to defend yourself from foes.

Tilt (L-stick) to aim the reticle, then press R2 or X to fire orbs of light.

You can jump by pressing Circle.


While targeting with the shotlock reticle, you can also press Square to instantly move to the last targeted location. This is called airstepping.

Airstepping doesn't deplete the Focus Gauge, so you can use it whenever you like.

Keyblade Formchanges[edit]

Some of the Keyblades that you obtain are capable of changing shape, or formchanging. Each Keyblade has its own unique formchanges.

While a Keyblade is formchanged, you will gain access to different combos and magic, as well as a devastating finishing move that can be activated by pressing Triangle.

When you formchange the Keyblade, Sora's appearance may change accordingly, and you will gain access to a new set of specialized abilities.

Some formchanges are better for defense, others for casting magic. Experiment to see what works best for you.

Formchanges: Counter Shield[edit]

The Hero's Origin Keyblade can be formchanged into a defense-oriented weapon called the Counter Shield.

While formchanged, hold Square to continuously guard for a set period of time. Blocking enemy attacks will charge your shield a maximum of two levels.

Pressing X while the shield is charged will activate a unique reprisal based on the level of charge.

Voyage Across the Ocean Between[edit]

Controlling the Gummi Ship

Press (L1) or (R1) to start traveling forward. Press the button again to brake. You can do a U-turn by pressing (L3).

To travel more quickly, use a boost. Press Circle to expend one unit of your Boost Gauge and gain a burst of speed.

Getting Help

To view this screen again or learn more about gummi travel, press (Options) to pause the game, then select Help.

Attacking with the Gummi Ship

There are certain objects you can break open with attacks to clear a path or reveal items. Press X or (R2) to fire your weapons in the direction of the reticle.

Avoiding Danger

Press Circle to roll in any direction. Use rolling to avoid collisions with asteroids or get out of the way of enemy attacks.

During your travels, you'll want to keep a close eye on these areas of your screen:

(1) World Markers

These indicate new worlds you haven't visited yet. Fly toward the marker to reach the world.

② HP

If your HP reaches zero, your ship will be destroyed.

③ Boost Gauge

Using boosts will deplete this gauge one unit at a time. The gauge will recharge over time.

④ Gummi Radar

Check the radar to keep tabs on nearby Heartless and treasures.

Gummi Missions[edit]

Complete gummi missions to obtain valuable items.

Reviewing Your Missions

Press (Options) to pause the game, then select Information > Gummi Missions.

Collecting Rewards

If you have completed a mission, you will receive rewards for it the next time you open the Gummi Missions screen.

How to Get New Missions

New missions are added automatically as the game progresses. Check back after reaching new areas. You never know what might be waiting for you!


You will sometimes obtain prizes or other rewards for defeating enemies and exploring the Ocean Between.

(1) EXP Prizes

Collect these to level up your gummi ship and increase your cost limit when building ships in the editor.

② HP Prizes

These will restore a small amount of HP to your ship.

③ Items, ④ Unique Items

These generally contain gummi blocks and valuable items, respectively.

Expediting Travel[edit]

Want to get from point A to point B a little faster? Here are a few ways:

(1) Nebula Lines

Enter the tunnel of light to race down it at high speed. You can exit the nebula line by pressing (L1) or (R1).

② Boost Spheres ③ Boost Rings

Touch these for a temporary burst of speed. The rings also change your direction of travel.

Gummi Battles[edit]

Watch out for the Heartless markers on the gummi radar! Approaching these will trigger battles.

Battle Rules

The rules of combat vary from battle to battle. Check the rules in the upper left of the screen when you start the battle.

Battle Difficulty

The stars on the Heartless markers tell you how difficult each battle will be. If you're still at a low Gummi LV, you might want to steer clear.

Battle Controls & Screen Layout[edit]

Battle Controls

The controls change slightly when you enter combat. Tilt (L-stick) to move your ship up/down/left/right. Hold X or (R2) for continual fire.

Screen Layout

In the upper-left corner of the screen, you'll see: ① Your score ② Enemies defeated ③ Your battle rank

Rack up a high score to increase your rank from E all the way up to A. The higher your rank at the end of the battle, the better the rewards.

Treasure Spheres[edit]

Treasure spheres contain rare items just waiting to be unlocked.

Step 1
Shoot the Sphere to Activate it
Step 2
Connects the Circuits

Locate the ① gears, then keep shooting them until you fully rotate them into position and connect the circuits. Keep your eyes peeled; some gears are dummies that don't actually do anything.

Step 3

If you have successfully connected all the circuits, the treasure sphere will unlock.

You can exit the minigame with (L1) or (R1).

Blueprint Fragments[edit]

Blueprint Fragments can be found scattered across the Ocean Between. Collect all the fragments in a set and you will be rewarded with a valuable special+ blueprint.

To claim your reward, press (OPTIONS) to pause the game, then select Information > Gummi Missions. You will receive the special+ blueprint at that time.


During your voyages, you will discover constellations.

Photographing Constellations

Press (pad) to bust out your Gummiphone and take a picture of any constellation you find. Not only will this unlock gummi missions, but you'll also be awarded a blueprint for the constellation you found.

Claiming Blueprints

Press (OPTIONS) to pause the game, then select Information > Gummi Missions to collect your reward.


Links are magical manifestations of Sora's friends that he can summon to his side. To use them, select Link from the Command Menu.

Links require a full MP Gauge to use, and they reduce your MP to 0. In exchange, the friend you summon will fully restore your team's HP.

Links: Meow Wow Balloon[edit]

Press Circle to bound into the air and inflate Meow Wow one size at a time.

The, press X to deflate and barrel into enemies.

Taking Photos[edit]

Press (touchpad) to take out the Gummiphone camera.

Photos you take are saved to your album, which you can access by opening the Main Menu and selecting Gummiphone > Photo Album. You can save up to 100 photos.

Select Game Help from the Main Menu to learn more about the camera controls.

Lucky Emblems[edit]

The Gummiphone will auto-detect any lucky emblems or other noteworthy subjects in frame and display a hit indicator.

The hint indicator will turn yellow if you are shooting at the correct angle and distance, or red if the distance or angle is wrong.

An icon will also appear in the lower right to tell you what's being detected.

Little Chef's Bistro[edit]

At Little Chef's bistro, you can transform the ingredients you've gathered into delicious meals.

Eating the cuisine you prepare will grant you beneficial effects like temporary stat increases.

The recipes available at the bistro depend on the ingredients you've gathered, so be sure to scour each world you visit for the makings of new and powerful recipes.

Classic Kingdom[edit]

Select Classic Kingdom from the Gummiphone menu to access the game selection screen.

Press Triangle to view the controls for the currently selected game.

To exit a game, press (OPTIONS) to pause the game, then select Exit to return to the game selection screen.

You never know where you might find new games to play, so keep your eyes peeled while exploring worlds.

Formchanges: Double Arrowguns[edit]

The Shooting Star Keyblade can be formchanged into a projectile weapon called the Double Arrowguns.

While formchanged, hold (R2) to take aim and automatically fire a stream of shots toward foes.

Chop the Ingredients[edit]

Chop the ingredients quickly and safely!

Rapidly tilt (L-stick down) to chop. Once you've finished with an ingredient, tilt (R-stick down) to bring out the next one.

You have a limited time to cook. Watch the hourglass at the edge of the kitchen.

Grind the Pepper[edit]

Use the pepper grinder to season with style!

Alternate between tilting (L-stick down) and (R-stick down) just as the rings close to grind the pepper.

You have a limited time to cook. Watch the hourglass at the edge of the kitchen.

Crack the Egg[edit]

Crack the egg as skillfully as you can!

Tilt (L-stick left) and (R-stick right) outwards to carefully apply pressure. If you're reckless, you'll crush the egg.

Once the egg has cracked, press (L1) and (R1) simultaneously to drop it into the bowl.

You have a limited time to cook. Watch the hourglass at the edge of the kitchen.

The secret to delicious cuisine is imagination.

When the swirls of imagination appear, that's your cue to stop moving (L-stick)/(R-stick) and press (L1) and (R1) as delicately as you can.

Flambé the Food[edit]

Achieve the perfect flambé!

Tilt (L-stick) in a circle to pour. It needs to be just the right amount.

Once you think you're ready, tilt (R-stick down) to flambé!

You have a limited time to cook. Watch the hourglass at the edge of the kitchen.

The secret to delicious cuisine is imagination.

When the swirls of imagination fill the screen, that's when you should tilt (R-stick down). No sooner, no later. Be very careful not to overpour!

Cuisine Bonus[edit]

The cuisine you cook with Little Chef grants you temporary stat bonuses.

By eating a full course—starter, soup, fish dish, meat dish, and dessert—you'll gain an extra ability as well, known as a full course bonus.

If you select the Chef's Choice and let Little Chef choose for you, you'll be able to preview the full course bonus before you expend any items.

Aerial Recovery[edit]

If an enemy attack sends you flying, press Circle to perform an aerial recovery and get right back in the action.

Controlling the Gigas[edit]

While aboard the Gigas, use (L-stick) to move around. Use (R-stick) to take aim at foes, and press (R2) to fire.

① The HP Gauge

If this is completely depleted, the Gigas will malfunction, and Sora will be ejected from the cockpit.

② Energy Gauge

Holding down Circle will activate the Gigas's booster, depleting this gauge but keeping you aloft. The gauge recharges over time.

③ Control Panel

Press the buttons shown to perform various actions.

Once you've defeated a Gigas inside Galaxy Toys, you can board it by approaching and pressing Triangle.

There are three Gigas types, each with unique capabilities. Give them all a try!

Links: 8-Bit Blast[edit]

Step 1
Placing Blocks

Select a block with (d-pad left/right), then press X to place it.

A glow around the block will show its attack range. When enemies come in contact with that light, they will stop moving.

Step 2
Wrecking It

Press Triangle to have Ralph punch the first block he placed, producing an explosion in the direction of the glow.

If other blocks are hit by the explosion, they will detonate as well, setting off a chain reaction! Keep that in mind when placing blocks.

Mag Assemble[edit]

Certain blocks can be moved by approaching with a Gigas and pressing Template:Buttons.

Attractions: Magic Carousel[edit]

Press X just as the spreading ring of light overlaps the outer circle to launch enemies into the air and deal a ton of damage.

Keep pressing X with the proper timing to increase the carousel's speed and add a chain bonus to your score!


  • Press X after a successful block to perform a variety of of counterattacks known as reprisals.


While in flowmotion, press Circle to perform a superjump that lets you reach otherwise unreachable heights.

Dancing with the Townsfolk[edit]

Celebrate the festival and strut your stuff! Approach the townsfolk and match their dances to quickly fill the gauge.

Mirror their moves by pressing Circle to spin and twirl, or X to step and stomp. When you've got yourself a partner, press Square in the rings of light to clap along.

Try pressing Triangle near the town's features to perform special flourishes!

When prompted to, press Triangle to gather everyone in the middle and dance with Rapunzel. Pay attention to the colored rings of light on the ground and rack up a chain bonus with your perfect prancing.

Launching Enemies[edit]

If you have the Rising Spiral ability installed, you can launch enemies into the air. Press X repeatedly to start a combo, then press Circle to launch the target.

Formchanges: Mirage Staff[edit]

The Ever After Keyblade can be formchanged into a magical weapon called the Mirage Staff.

While formchanged, press Square to evade and leave an avatar in your place. The next time you use a combo, these avatars will join in with their own magical attacks.