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As per the January Roundtable, we will try to gather info on the original coded as much as possible.


  • The plot and cutscenes are the same as Re:coded so we don't need to cover them here. Unless there are any differences.
  • Auto-jump originates from this game.
  • HUD is like this:

Debug Ability 01 KHREC.png But the Debug Gauge has segments signifying each 10% of the whole gauge.

  • Save Menu has:
    • Save
    • World Select
    • Moogle Shop
    • Version Up
  • Save Menu shows game time and:
    • VP (No idea what this is for now)
    • HP
    • Debug Ability (in percentage)
  • Level ups give stat boosts.
  • Selphie's block smashing miniquest. Reward is a Hi-Potion.
  • Tidus's mini-fight. Rewards EXP. Can complete multiple times.
  • World Selection Screen
    • From start
    • From boss
    • From cleared
  • If you talk to Moogle in Traverse Town, you'll get one of each Powder-class synthesis items.
  • A woman near the moogle will give you a Potion.
  • Finding Huey rewards Guard Counter
  • Finding Dewey rewards Hi-Potion
  • Clearing the first Area Debug Mode in Traverse Town rewards Homing
  • Talking to Cid after finding Dewey rewards Guard Brace
  • Side-scrolling is pretty much the same. Without Overlay.
  • There's a short cutscene where Sora receives "Version Up". This isn't in Re:coded.


Tutorial note: In this space, the influence of the enemy is strong so Debug Ability and Reaction Combo will not be usable.

Dark Side (Destiny Islands)[edit]

  • Can summon blocks. Destroy blocks to increase score (Prize 1000, Normal 50). Blocks may drop HP Balls.
    • Will also damage with blasts that falls down. Avoidable by keeping moving.
  • Punch the ground and summon Shadows just like other games. Fist can be attacked.
  • Reveal itself to be composed of blocks after certain damage like in Re:coded.
  • After revealing, punches now summon Damage Blocks (sometimes Prize) instead of Shadows. Destroying Damage Blocks gives 200 points and Prize gives 400 this time.
  • Can also summon walls of Damage Blocks running toward you. Avoidable by moving to the other side.
  • Defeating the boss in the revealed state gives 1000 points.
  • Transform into a kind of Core Blox after defeat just like in Re:coded. Gives 500 points when defeated.
  • Rewards Reaction Combo (リアクションコンボ Riakushon Konbo?)

Guard Armour (Traverse Town)[edit]

  • Can fire its arms. Destroy blocks.
  • If hit, can be stunned.
  • Jumps around
  • Rewards D-Thunder

Area Debug Mode[edit]

This seems to have changed into Backdoors in Re:coded.

  • Break all blocks before the time runs out.
  • Some abilities will not be available.
  • Attacking a Bug Block causes more bug blocks to appear in the corrupted area.
  • Blocks vanish when they are hit, knocked into other blocks, or knocked outside the area.
  • Taking out four blocks at once makes an orange block appear. (They can also appear at random.) Smashing and orange block will take out all the blocks around it.
  • Taking too much time seems to cause orange block to appear more easily.
  • Rewards VP.

Word Clear Reward[edit]

Always reward VP.

Destiny Islands[edit]

  • S rank - 10000 points and up .... Isles of Fate Wallpaper (Avatar Kingdom Item) or Random Shard+
  • A rank - 6000 to 9999 points .... Ability: Haste Level 1 or Kupo Nut
  • B rank - 3000 to 6000 points .... Random Powder +
  • C rank - 0 to 3000 points .... Random Powder

Traverse Town[edit]

Unlocks Version Up

  • S rank - 60000 points and up .... First Town Carpet (Avatar Kingdom) or Random Shard
  • A rank - 50000 to 59999 points .... Auto-Reload or Kupo Nut
  • B rank - 40000 to 49999 points .... Random Fragment
  • C rank - 0 to 39999 points .... Random Powder +

Version Up[edit]


  • VP stands for Version Up Points (バージョンアップポイント?)
  • VP can be spent here to augment Sora's abilities.
  • You can also change game mode here.



  • Guard Brace (ガードブレス Gādo Buresu?) Increase Defense by 2


  • Potion (ポーション Pōshon?)
  • Hi-Potion (ハイポーション Hai Pōshon?)


  • Mythril Powder (ミスリルの粉 Misuriru no Kona?)
  • Surging Powder (みなぎる粉 Minagiru Kona?)
  • Blazing Powder (燃え上がる粉 Moeagaru Kona?)
  • Freezing Powder (凍てつく粉 Itetsuku Kona?)
  • Roaring Powder (とどろく粉 Todoroku Kona?)
  • Lucid Powder (透きとおる粉 Sukitōru Kona?)
  • Power Powder (力の粉 Chikara no Kona?)
  • Wriggling Powder (うごめく粉 Ugomeku Kona?)
  • Interstice Powder (はざまの粉 Hazama no Kona?)
  • Twilight Powder (たそがれの粉 Tasogare no Kona?)
  • Moisture Powder (うるおいの粉 Uruoi no Kona?)
  • Fulfilling Powder (満たされる粉 Mitasareru Kona?)
  • Lucid Powder+ (透きとおる粉+ Sukitōru Kona+?)

Avatar Kingdom[edit]

  • Wallpaper of the First Town (最初の街の壁紙 Saisho no Machi no Kabegami?)


  • Shard of Mystery (なぞのかけら Nazo no Kakera?)




  • Haste (ヘイスト Heisuto?) Enables movement and attacks at high speed.
  • Homing (ホーミング Hōmingu?) Automatically target the nearest enemy when pressing the attack key.
  • D-Thunder (Dサンダー D Sandā?) Allows you to switch into an attack mode that, when aim at the enemy and press the Attack key, drops lightning bolts on the enemies.


サポートアビリティ Support abilities can enable new actions, or affect Sora's status, or even make items more effective. The results can be surprising. Equip abilities in the menu by selecting "Ability". You can set as many abilities as Sora's AP allows. All abilities cost AP in varying amounts. Deciding which abilities to use is critcal.

  • Libra (ライブラ Raibura?) Displays the target's HP on the left of the screen. It might not work on enemies that are significantly stronger than Sora. Equip abilities in the Menu by selecting "Ability".
  • Reaction Combo (リアクションコンボ Riakushon Konbo?) Get near a knocked-out enemy to start a reaction combo. Follow the arrows by pressing the direction keys to match. Every keypress increases the combo by one. If the same direction appears twice in a row, press the botton twice in succession. Enemies are easiest to knock out from behind.
  • Guard Counter (ガードカウンター Gādo Kauntā?) After blocking an enemy attack, time your attack right to counter and knock out the target. Use this when the Attack command changes to Counter.