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  • A: Dive Attack (ダイブアタック)
  • B: Air Reduction (エアリダクション)
  • X: Magic (マジック)
  • Y: Reflect Dodge (リフレクトドッジ)

Dive Missions[edit]

Dive to... Sora's mission Riku's mission Prize(s)
Traverse Town Collect 600 points Collect 300 points N/A
La Cité des Cloches Defeat 15 enemies Defeat the Hachi Queen Water Barrel
The Grid Defeat the Ikage Sword Collect 1 point Treasure Goggle
Prankster's Paradise Pop 150 balloons Collect 700 points Balloonra
Country of the Musketeers Collect 500 points Defeat the Ikage Sword Zero Graviga
Symphony of Sorcery Collect 900 points Defeat 30 enemies Accelerating Dream
The World That Never Was Defeat the Hachi Queen Collect 1300 points Meteor
...the Heart N/A Collect 30 Soras N/A