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Okay since BBs just came out what ever's next will be a long way away like how the gap between II and 358/2 Days was about 3 years. So let's play a game to make the wait less excrutiatin by guessing what worlds will be coming up. You won't get anything when you win, but it should make things more interesting. I go first.

1. Toon Town (Roger Rabbit)

2. Terabithia (Bridge to Terabithia)

3. Prydain ( The Black Cauldron)

4. A Dark sort of world

1. Toon town would be awsome because of the weasles. I'd make chain boss battles, first Stupid and Greasy, then Psycho and Wheezy, followed by Smart Ass, Wise Guy in the game like at Disney Land, and then finally Judge Doom. Eddie Valient wouldn't appear and Roger Rabbit would be an Ally and later a summon.

2. Terabithia would have Leslie, Jess and all the creatures in the kingdom. The creatures though would be being controlled by darkness and Sora and Co. would need to cleanse their souls with his keyblade. Then a giant heartless would be the final boss, Second visit same thing but the final boss would instead be an amzing battle between you and the Dark Master. The Ally's would be Leslie first, then Jess because by the time they reach Terabithia the second time Leslie would have already died.

3. Prydain would be good with the Gwythaints as a boss battle together then later the Horned King would be a powerful boss.

4. I want to see a kingdom like the Disney Castle but sompletely made out of Darkness and controlled by the Phantom Blot. It would be revealled that he has a dark Keyblade and is trying to resurrect the Org. XIII being the main antagonist. He would be the final boss who Sora battles and would succed in ressurrcting the Org. XIII but they'd be back with full powers and as whole beings, this would be a cliff hanger for the next game where I'd have the Org. take over most of the worlds and lead Sora on another adventure.

Notes- Even though the Phantom Blot does not appear in a Disney movie, he would make a great antagonist, I'd also have him reunite with Mickey at an Awakening where they'd battle, the Phantom Blot would win and keep Mickey a prisoner in the Blots world of Darkness and Sora must save him from being swallowed by Darkness

- I'd also make Figment ( a purple Disney dragon with powers of imagination) and Bolt ( with his super powers) summons as well.

- the dark world would have no connection to the corridors of Darkness.

What do you think?

(Leviathan657 03:12, January 28, 2010 (UTC))

Toon Town would be a cool world. Especially if the objective was to know who framed Roger Rabbit (anyone who watched the movie would easily beat this world.

Terabithia wouldn't fit cause of Leslie dying and stuff. No matter what KH is still Child Friendly and an actual good person dying wouldn't be nice.

Never watched the "The Black Cauldron" so can't really say.

And there should be worlds from the Realm of Darkness (I'm sure it isn't a dark place with KH in the middle) and Phantom Blot should be the ruler of the realm and personification of Darkness itself. But then he wouldn't be an antagonist cause we already know that darkness isn't entirely evil.Redeemer & Destroyer 03:23, January 28, 2010 (UTC)

HeartFallout Talk! — If I had a dollar for every time I broke my PS2..

I would still be very poor. — 04:44, January 28, 2010 (UTC)

I think they should bring Space Paranoids back, with a Tron 2 coming out. A Wall-E world would be pretty cool, along with another POTC world, and ringing Neverland back