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I've got a list of characters I think could appear in KH3. I'll provide links to their articles on the FF wiki. If anyone wants to comment or suggest other characters be my guest. Well, here we go,

  • [Kefka]; A story relevant crossover between Final Fantasy VI and The Black Cauldron could be made... Have the Horned King be a kind of counterpart to Gestahl and replace Creeper with Kefka. After the boss battle with the Horned King, (which could totally serve as a recursive shoutout to the Hades summon from Final Fantasy VII,) have Kefka shove the Horned King towards the Cauldron, killing him... When the stage is visited again later in the game, Kefka can have drained the Cauldron of its powers in a vein similar to how he robbed the Warring Triad of their powers... For added bonus points; both The Black Cauldron and Final Fantasy VI are considered some of the darkest entries produced by their respective companies, not only allowing Kefka to be just as monsterous as he really was but also creating an absolutely nightmarish stage.
  • [Gerrith Barrington]; An obscure choice I know, but he'd fit into la cité des cloches nicely. The story could play out as a darker version of The Hunchback of Notre Dame 2 with Barrington replacing Scarouch, he could be a nobleman that orders Madeline to seduce Quasimodo so he can steal the bell. The rape implications from his original game would be toned down to subtle hints like Madeline being afraid of him and anyone that's played Tactics would probably get the hint. The Hunchback's another of Disney's darkest films, but the plot was heavily dilluted in Dream Drop Distance, so what better way to make up for it than introducing one of the most depraved minor villains in the Final Fantasy series.
  • [Fang]; If there's an Atlantis world in KH3 they could easily make her into an atlantean warrior with just a few minor changes to her outfit, she's already got the spear, and when we first meet her she could be wearing a mask based on [her Ragnarok form]. Bonus points if she's the guest party member in the Atlantis world, seeing how none of the characters in Atlantis (except maybe Vinnie) would really work.
  • [Lulu]; seeing how she's a goth and she uses dolls as weapons, she could be in Halloween town as a new rag doll made by Dr Finklestein as a sister for Sally.
  • [Rubicante]; Either a new right-hand-man for Maleficent or a super boss.

Lightning Princess 12 (talk) 13:18, 29 September 2014