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I feel that Minor characters like the Dolphin,Jessie,Biggs,Wantz and Wallance should have a profile. Maybe the wiki should also re-look at the Manual of Style,not many people are using its method.

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Funny you say that, considering as a wiki, we updated the Manual of Style not more than two months ago. It could be some people new to the wiki are not yet familiar with the conventions, but most of the new editors seem to quickly grasp the style.

As for minor characters such as the shopkeepers or the names of the Moogles, there really isn't much to say about them; they're little in-jokes for Final Fantasy fans to appreciate, but not much more. They don't talk or become involved in the plot; you can completely ignore them in the game and nothing changes. I think it's okay to make note of them on the appropriate World page (which we've done), but to make an entire article about them is kind of pointless.