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Vsymbol.png I am a regular user of Twitter, and I subscribe to @KHWiki at Twitter. I've noticed a lot of things that rather... irk me. I don't oppose these things, per se, but it doesn't exactly seem appropriate for what I believe to be the Kingdom Hearts Wiki's "official" twitter page.

For starters, lots of things are in french. Now, I know that Troisnyxetienne updates the twitter a lot of the time, and that's just fine, but considering that @KHWiki is representing us, the english wiki, it feels wrong to me that whole messages are being posted in french. Also, it feels like I'm being deprived of what might be information I'd like to hear about because I can't speak the language. I suggest a twitter account for the french KH Wiki directly, as I am aware that the communities between us and them differ greatly.

Also, it's being used for... not sure how to explain this... chatting, conversations, and what I consider "user space" of twitter. I'm okay with Trois telling me that she's signing off, but not when the official twitter page is being used to convey the message. I have also seen long conversations between @KHWiki and other tweeters that have nothing to do with the wiki itself. It bothers me that the account is being used for personal space.

tl;dr, I feel the channel is acting rather "unprofessional" for our supposed "official" twitter account. I, as a regular tweeter and a user on the Kingdom Hearts Wiki, would rather this account be taken to a more professional approach, such as giving updates on the latest news, forums, happenings, etc. for this wiki. And, as the account is the english representative of the KH Wiki, I'd also prefer if the updates were in English, too.

But don't get me wrong, it's not as if the account is completely unprofessional. I myself found out about KH 3D's official title just today through @KHWiki. The account isn't bad; it's not like it doesn't say ANYTHING notable, it just needs improvement on its management.


Any thoughts?

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I am also a regular Twitter user and I found it quite annoying to not understand what the French tweets means. Talking to the account's followers is nice, but conversations should be kept short, like only one reply. As for the latest news and stuff, I don't know if we're short on new stuff or something but it seems to me the account doesn't update much... And as you said Lego, those are only my opinions and I hope the @KHWiki admins aren't offended by my opinions (okay, you can say they're critics or something).
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It's not true that @KHWiki only represents the English KHW, it also represents the French and the Spanish one, so I don't think all tweets should be in English. If you don't speak French, just ignore the French tweets, they are for the people who do speak French or edit on KHFR.

I do, however, agree that @KHWiki should not have conversations with other people on twitter, unless it's to answer questions about the games or the wiki.