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I'll talk about generics first before talking specifics: I think the person we should focus on now isn't Xigbar, but Luxord. The cutscene between Luxord and Xigbar is unnecessary as far as KH3 and KH3 ReMind is concerned when you look back at it unless it was setting the stage for another plot twist. I think Xigbar saying "The question is 'Who are you, Luxord?'" is Nomura subtly telling us we should be more concerned with Luxord's identity at this point since that cutscene came out after Xigbar's plot twist. There's also the fact Luxord joined the Real Organization XIII in the present, so his memories are in tact following his defeat. That means he has an ulterior motive for doing so, just like Saix and Vexen.

Onto specifics, I think Luxord is connected to Ava in some way; either her vessel or an agent of her's.Cloudtheavenger (talk) 20:22, 18 January 2021 (UTC)