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Diamond Dust Keychain KHFM.png Hey all, KSM here. After a brief discussion with various members of the staff, we've decided to again remind everyone that leaks are not allowed on the Kingdom Hearts Wiki. We wish to respect the hard work of everyone at Square Enix, and honor their request that leaks not be shared. Leaks also create the requirement that at least some on the staff also know about the leaks in order to monitor and ensure the content is correct, and as of now, there's no one on staff that would like to do that. Finally, the majority of the community wishes to not know about the game's unofficially-released information, and posting leaks on the Kingdom Hearts Wiki will deter traffic from our site for others, something we'd prefer to avoid.

We have, in the past, advocated against leaks, and we have promised those who feared (falsely) that leaks were on the Wiki that they would not. Therefore, to preserve our reputation and the integrity of the site's information, anyone posting information suspected to be based on leaked content will be immediately blocked until the game's worldwide release on January 29, 2019. We hope you, our small community of editors, will understand why we have chosen to take this measure. Diamond Dust Keychain KHFM.png

KrytenKoro - "Because I knew something he didn't. I knew that I was lying. Seriously, sir. 'No silicon heaven'? Where would all of the calculators go?"
I'd be happy to guard for leaked info.
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Thank you for volunteering, Kryten. :) It's true while we have safeguards in place, regular editors are able to have their edits automatically made public without approval from the staff, and recognizing what is a leak would require us to know what the leaks are, which none of us want to do. I'm avoiding the leaks entirely, but if push comes to shove, I'll also act as guard for the leaked info.