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Who knows (or wants to guess at what Lea & Isa were up to in BbS in Ven's story. I think they were trying to break into Ansem's Castle cause you see Dilan throws them out. Which then leads to Saix and Axel's plan in 358/2 Days. What was this? Any ideas please set them forward.

well, i dont know what theyre plan in bbs was, but in days and CoM it was to take over the organization by rising up in the ranks

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Thats one of the things about Birth By Sleep that made me upset. They didn't tell us what Isa and Lea were up to and what they were "ready" for, when going into Ansem's Castle. But I'm going to guess that...they wanted to join the castle guards/scientists or something to work for Ansem the Wise? Like a job or something XD But I guess the interview didn't go so well, so Dilan just threw them out lol.