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--Keyhole15 01:29, June 29, 2010 (UTC) <poll> which world do you think should make a return in kingdom hearts 3D Pride Lands Deep Jungle Port Royal Monstro Beast's Castle Land of Dragons Deep Space Castle of Dreams Enchanted Dominion Dwarf Woodlands Space Paranoids </poll>

I think it would make sense for them to stick the Space Paranoids in again because they're coming out with Tron Legacy this year.


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I think Port Royal cause another Pirates of the Carribean movie is coming out, and fighting Davy Jones with Barbossa as assistance would be awesome.


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Vsymbol.png Why isn't Castle Oblivion on that list? If they get rid of the card system, Castle Oblivion is NEEDED to return in KH3D, with BBS's connections to it. All who know about BBS.... know what I mean!

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Villains always come back, so why shouldn't Barbossa? And he reforms in the movies, so there is a chance Barbossa will, just as Iago did.

coolkid1221: i really want to see deep jungles come back unfortunitly they probably will not thanks to copyright issues

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Port Royal and Space Paranoids should come back(Since, they both have sequels)

Space Paraniods would be great but arent we geeting a little ahead of ourselves? Tron: Legacy idnt even out yet so we dont know if its story is any good. Port Royal would be fun if they came up with a good story.--Memorized

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FA icon.png Space Paranoids ; and just like Chicken Little they could use the game to promote the movie (at least, this was indeed the case for the Japanese release of KHII).

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I wish that they were able to use Tarzan's World (Deep Jungle) again. The world was beautifully designed and the movie's theme really matches the themes of Kingdom Hearts.

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I would like to see more of Dwarf Woodlands. I think we got VERY little of the Queen's Castle and should have gotten more of her dungeon (Vault and Secret Waterway were dungeon areas, but not the one depicted in the film), the castle chambers, and I think a boss battle on the stormy cliff where the Witch died would be a great thing. Either way, I want more out of it.


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Anything but Atlantica *smashes head onto wall*. Port Royal would be awesome, especially when the Kraken ate us.