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The gummi personal favorite part of the games, as its how (at least one of the safest ways) our World hopping heroes travel between worlds. Story wise (at least in my opinion) the Gummi ship was a cool inter-spaceship. But in the first game the gummi ship I have to admit the segments were hit or miss, the transition was seen as slightly bland as you were just flying around rings and asteroids and other strange and familiar space junk in interdimensional space, and the "build your own" gummi ship function was often frustratingly complicated to work with (which is why I gawk in surprise at all the different gummi ships I've seen people acquire....or make on YouTube videos of KH1....wait, is that the Millennium Falcon?! as a Gummi Ship?!). it was refreshingly upgraded in the second one where it was made fun! its Varied environments and Rail like shooters and The ship upgrading into more powerful models like the key blade changes forms and abilities with different key chains made the Gummi ship. Not to mention the boss's, one minute your flying through a strange wormhole looking tunnel into darkness, and the next you almost collide into a Heartless attack ship that opens fire on you that you have to battle.

so I was a little disappointed that the key blade flyers didn't have a mini game segment quite like that, there was no extra or fun effort to get from one world to the next besides beat the world that was already open for you.

so with Kingdom hearts 3 on the way, I am looking foreword and hope for its inclusion and definite upgrade. we've seen the KH trio take on the Rock Titan in "big Thunder Railroads" Green lantern style attack vehicle for crying out why wouldn't the gummi ship segments be upgraded as well.

so in Kingdom Hearts 3 do you think the ship will have a slightly bigger role and upgraded segments, and if so....what do you think it will be, will we be able to see more than just the cockpit, and What do you think the Gummi ship travel mini game segments will be like in the next game..... maybe they'll have a star wars new hope style segment in the gummi ship where you take control of Aft and port side guns or something against attacking enemy's in interspace. -- MatermindSypher08 (talk) 01:09, 18 July 2014 (UTC)

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The same progress from 1, to 2. They never played a big role. And who knows, they might include customizable Keyblade Gliders. — 19:57, 13 September 2014 (UTC)