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--MatermindSypher08 (talk) 17:31, 3 October 2014 (UTC)

Alright, we already know that in Kingdom hearts 3 we have Xehanort and Maleficent competing for control over the worlds of the Kingdom hearts Multiverse, and if anyone has heard about the secret videos in KH 2.5 HD remix, then Maleficent might be a real threat again in the third game, and (well personally for me) hopefully rebuild her Council of Disney villains, Hellfire club or whatever its called.

but we all know about Master Xehanort's plan. have seven pure lights or seven Guardians of light clash with 13 seekers of Darkness to recreate the X-blade, Start the Key blade war, Unlock Kingdom Hearts, Destroy all worlds and recreate it in his own image and see what happens after.

but my question is how do you think the game will end, what will the final showdown be like between Sora and the gang against Master Xehanort, the Destroyer of name for Master Xehanort.

I think it will probably end this way, Sora and co after somehow rescuing Aqua and Ventus and recruiting Terra in his Lingering Will form will confront Master Xehanort (and maybe his new org 13, unless they've been picked off one by one)in the Key blade Graveyard. Xehanort to complete the Re-creation of the Key blade forces the gang to fight Terra/Xehanort to complete the Blade (and to leave himself unharmed to take possession of it). Terra/Xehanort falls, and Terra's heart repossesses his body....but causes the true X-blade to come to be.

Xehanort uses the blade to unlock Kingdom hearts, causes instability in the Multiverse, and uses the blade to enter into the Real kingdom hearts (the X-blade providing his dark heart protection from Kingdom hearts power destroying him again ie Kingdom hearts 1). All worlds begin to vanish, and the known Multiverse ceases to be.

Before this happens Sora and co re-enter kingdom hearts again, and watch as reality is destroyed outside Kingdom Hearts protection. its here that the Final fight with a now God level Xehanort happens, but kingdom hearts itself kind of rebels against Xehanort and gives equal power to Sora and the seven Guardians.

there is a huge battle, Xehanort is Defeated and the X-blade end up in the hands of...Terra?

why Terra, because this gives him a chance to atone for accidentally causing all that had happened by being manipulated by darkness and Master Xehanort.

The Multiverse is rebuilt like nothing ever happened, but all heartless are banished back into the Realm of Darkness...although they agree that as long as there is light, there is darkness...they might return, and so might a new threat.

To keep the X-blade from ever being manipulated again, Terra casts it into Kingdom Hearts itself before it vanishes to somewhere else... then comes the ending cut scenes.....

at least that's how I guess the story might end, before going into uncharted territory with no more Xehanort. Btw this isn't FanFiction, this is just what I've cooked up with the VERY little facts we have at hand.

Anyway, what are your thoughts. how do you see the Final battle of KH3 being like, feel free to post your thoughts.--MatermindSypher08 (talk) 17:21, 3 October 2014 (UTC)