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Kingdom Hearts Votings[edit]

Hi there. This is the Kingdom Hearts Votings. It has different types of polls. More will come soon.

Favorite type Polls[edit]

Note that many of the first polls are from Kingdom Hearts II. A few are not, though.

Poll One, Sora's Blending Form[edit]

<poll> Which is your favourite form for Sora? Vampire Merman Retro Data Lion </poll> Note that Santa form counts as Vampire form.

Poll Two, Favorite World (That Has Sora Change Forms)[edit]

<poll> What is your Favorite Mutation World? Halloween Town Atlantica Timeless River Space Paranoids Pride Lands </poll> Note that Christmas Town counts as Halloween Town.

Poll Three, Favorite Character (Land of Dragons)[edit]

<poll> Who is your favorite character from the Land of Dragons? Mulan/Ping Li Shang Mushu Shan Yu Emporer </poll> Note that some characters are not on the list and that Sora, Donald, Goofy and Xigbar don't count.

Poll Four, Favorite Character (Beast's Castle)[edit]

<poll> Who is your favorite character from Beast's Castle? Beast Belle Cogsworth The Wardrobe Xaldin </poll> Note that Xaldin does count, but Sora and his friends don't

Poll Five, Favorite Character (Olympus Coliseum)[edit]

<poll> Who is your favorite character from Olympus Coliseum? Hercules Philoctetes Megara Hades Cerberus </poll> Note that Auron does not count

Poll Six, Favorite Character (Port Royal)[edit]

<poll> Who is your favorite character from Port Royal? Captain Jack Sparrow Captain Barbossa Will Turner Elizabeth Swann Undead Pirate </poll> Note that Luxord does not count

Poll Seven, Favorite Character (Agrabah)[edit]

<poll> Who is your favorite character from Agrabah? Aladdin Genie Jasmine Iago Carpet Jafar The Peddler </poll> Note that Pete, Sora, Donald and Goofy don't count

Poll Eight, Favorite Character (Halloween Town/Christmas Town)[edit]

<poll> Who is your favorite character from Halloween Town and Christmas Town? Jack Skellington Sally Santa Claus Zero Oogie Boogie </poll> Note that because of the change of form, Sora and his friends still do not count.

Poll Nine, Favorite Character (Pride Lands)[edit]

<poll> Who is your favorite character from the Pride Lands? Simba Nala Mufasa (deceased) Timon Pumbaa Scar </poll> Note that Pete, Sora, Donald and Goofy don't count, even with the change of form.

Poll Ten, Favorite Character (Space Paranoids)[edit]

<poll> Who is your favorite character from Space Paranoids? Tron Sark MCP </poll> This has the least characters

Poll 11, Favorite Characters (Atlantica)[edit]

<poll> Who is your favorite character from Atlantica? Ariel Eric Flounder Sebastian Ursula King Triton </poll> Note that King Triton counts as an Antagonist

Poll 12, Favorite Non-KH series[edit]

<poll> What non-KH series do you like best? Crash Bandicoot Spyro the Dragon Ratchet and Clank Jak and Daxter Super Mario Brothers Sonic the Hedgehog Final Fantasy Sims Other </poll>

Poll 13, About Sora[edit]

<poll> What do you like about Sora? He's cute He's playful He is a hero His voice actor He likes Kairi He can change form Other </poll>

Poll 14, About Kairi[edit]

<poll> What do you like about Kairi? She's pretty She's playful She is a Princess of Heart Her voice actresses She likes Sora Other </poll>

Poll 15, About Riku[edit]

<poll> What do you like about Riku? He's cute He's partly playful He is a hero His voice actor Being friends with Sora and Kairi Helped King Mickey Other </poll>

Poll 16, About Roxas[edit]

<poll> What do you like about Roxas? He's cute He is smarter than Sora He is Sora's nobody His voice actor Friends with Axel and Xion Being number XIII Other </poll>

Poll 17, About Namine[edit]

<poll> What do you like about Namine? She's pretty She draws pictures She is Kairi's nobody Her voice actresses She seems to like Roxas Her memory powers She is a witch Other </poll>

Poll 18, About Axel[edit]

<poll> What do you like about Axel? He's cute He "plays with fire" He is a nobody His friendship with Roxas and Xion His voice actor He saved Sora by killing himself Other </poll>

What do you think[edit]

Poll 19, Worlds[edit]


Which of these three worlds do you think should never have been on Kingdom Hearts? Deep Jungle Monstro Atlantica </poll>

Poll 20, characters[edit]

Final Fantasy VIII[edit]


Who do you want from Final Fantasy VIII to have a cameo? Zell Rinoa Quistis Irvine </poll>

Final Fantasy X[edit]

<poll> Who do you want from Final Fantasy X to have a cameo? Lulu Seymour (should be villain, though) Brother Buddy </poll> Note that only Lulu is a party member since all other party members except one have had a cameo

Final Fantasy XII[edit]

<poll> Who do you want from Final Fantasy XII to have a cameo? Vaan Balthier Fran Basch Ashe Penelo Larsa Reddas </poll> Note that all party members (the first six on the list) have yet to make an appearance. Vaan might make an appearance, since Cloud, Squall (Leon) and Tidus all made it (since they are the main male characters). Vivi has also made an appearance.

Poll 21, what.....[edit]


What world should reappear in a future KH game? Neverland Wonderland Enchanted Dormain Castle of Dreams </poll> Note that these worlds are from the first game and Birth by Sleep.

Poll 22, who[edit]

<poll> Who should make a cameo in a future game as a summonable character? Genie Stitch Dumbo Bambi Chicken Little Tinker Belle </poll>

Just remember that Simba may no longer be summoned and Peter Pan might come back as a party member.