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I don't know that much about Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix. My friends say that it's on a "special" Playstation 2. Is it on a regular, flat Playstation 2 console?

Its on the Japanese playstation 2 which you would either have to go buy in japan or on eBay the cheapest one i saw was for over two hundred dollars so its your decision whether to get it p.s. im not sure if you can pick a different language when you play the game so that means you will probably have to play with japanese symbols if you do decide to try to get itThe Silver Sora 22:38, 3 August 2009 (UTC)

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Keyblade-Blk.png There are alternatives to buying a Japanese Playstation though. You have a certain number of options that you can choose:
  1. Install a Modchip: This would allow you to play Japanese games but you have to dismantle your PS which will break the warranty on it.
  2. Buy Swap Magic and install a Flip-Top: Swap Magic allows you to play Jap. games, but you must first load the Swap Magic disc then take it out and put in the game disc.
With the Flip-Top, you can block the sensors on the PS and change the discs without having to open the tray. (Opening the tray makes the console reset the system.) You will still have to dismantle your PS a little and this will break your warranty.
  1. Buy Swap Magic and use a Slide Tool: A Slide Tool is a device that can help you open the tray without resetting the system. You may need to take off the door to the disc tray, but this will not break your warranty.

Those are the three main ways to play Import games on your English Playstation. Hope this helps!

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Another alternative which is easier, cheaper and doesn't void your PS2's warranty is to play the game on an emulator.
  1. Download the "PCSX2" PS2 emulator which let's you play PS2 games on your PC.
  2. (OPTIONAL) Download "DS3 MotionJoy gamepad tool" which let's you plug in a PS3 or XBOX 360 controller into your computer to use with the emulator.
  3. Put the PS2 game disc in your computer's CD/DVD drive and load the game in the emulator.
  4. Have fun spending hours playing KH2FM

A complete English patch is in the works for the game as well. When it comes out, you will have to extract the .iso off the disc and patch it to have the game in English. More info on this here: