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I think the wiki is missing some of the information from KH:DDD. There is some information on There is info about when Sora meets Neku in Traverse Town, how the "Reaper Games and Noise" are put into the game and such.
  • The Noise are instead "Dream Eaters" in the Reaper Game.
  • The Mark of Mastery Exam will take place in “the world submerged in sleep”.
  • Sleep Eaters are characters that eat sleep.
  • Yen Sid says that if they can return from the land of sleep, Sora and Riku will be considered as Keyblade Masters.
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At least one of these (Sleep Eaters) is flat out wrong according to the accessible sources, and the rest are impossible for us to solidly verify as of yet. The wiki is not a news site—we wait until we have reliable sources to post info, and make sure the information can be covered in context, not just as a snippet of "I saw this!"

So, (1) we can't add any of these without sources, and (2) the things you have mentioned give no indication of why they're important, or what they mean. So there's no point in us mentioning them yet.