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TerraCharm.pngIs it possible for an American like me to play KH2FM+ and KHFM on an Emulator for the computer? If so, two questions :
  • Is it illegal?
  • Where could I download? Is it free?

Thank you to any who can help.

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It is legal providing you
  1. Have the disk
  2. Are willing to void your warranty hacking your PS2 to allow you to copy files from it to your PC.

I personally don't know where to get the ISO's that let you play without a disk (which would be illegal, though), but if you have the disk and just can't get the hacking figured out (from what I read, it requires no small skill), I can *ahem* get you the program files for playing PS2 disks on your PC.

I was never here.

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Earthshaker Keychain KHBBS.png Okay. It'll be our little secret. Thanks anyways. Looks like I'm to remain Mix-less.