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TALK - I just obtained a potion! — 21:07, 13 July 2011 (EDT)
KH3D's plot is enigmatic, puzzling and will focus on the data Ansem the wise put into Sora while he was sleeping, there'll be a secret ending/movie/video, there'll be some answers about KH3, Sora's personality will not be changed only his attire, and Nomura is considering HD versions of KH.

The only bad news? The game is around 40-50% complete. I was hoping it'll be around 80-90% complete

The proof of info came from these 2 websites.

Cloud KHII.png
AlVan - I'm only...slightly interested
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I'm so excited. I was so afraid square would spen several years on this stuff. Now I have a chance to play the complete Xehanort Saga... IN HD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!