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--MatermindSypher08 (talk) 21:25, 22 January 2016 (UTC)

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--MatermindSypher08 (talk) 21:25, 22 January 2016 (UTC) Okay, we all know what Xehanort is up to. He wants to start the key blade war anew to not only see what will happen, but to rebuild the reborn multiverse/universe resulting after the destruction of the current one in his own image. one where light and dark are "balanced", but we all know he basically really wants to be like a god or something, lording over the new multiverse.

Basically, he wants to cause a "Crisis on Infinite Earths" style disaster, and until the game FINALLY comes out...we can just speculate what will happen from here.

But I post this theory, what if the Key blade war does occur? The multiverse is destroyed and the seven guardians of light (sora and company) engage Master Xehanort(or his new Org 13 if they aren't dead by this point) in either a void like world, or within kingdom hearts itself, Xehanort is defeated once and for all but just like superman and co in Crisis on Infinite Earths, the multiverse is "reborn" but with different worlds, different history...maybe they are now the only survivors of the original Multiverse like the children and key blade wielders in the original Key blade war myth were?

This would leave the survivors to do what the original key blade wielders did, set up an order and try and make sure this never happens again and safeguard the worlds, while training the new generation of key blade wielders whenever they appear...and face new threats that will arise to fill in the void left by Master Xehanort ultimate demise.

So in a way, Xehanort in this scenario, Xehanort wins because he causes the key blade war...and loses because he doesn't live to see the new world resulting from it or gets a chance to lord over this new existence.

I don't know how the game will end the "Dark Seeker Saga", but I am hoping for some kind of desperate battle for all existence or something that will make closing the books on Xehanort, very satisfying.

So what do you all think, you think that the final battle the key blade war will actually commence, write down your own thoughts on the subject bellow.

until next time, I'll just continue speculating.