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How do I unlock the Coliseum games? I mean the ones that you have to go to Hades for. So far I can only do one, and that I've already completed. Also, people, please do not use your talk templates, that pink and white box is getting really annoying. No offense, and thank you. I'm leaving, just tell me your answer and tomorrow I'll be back. TheSwordofDoubt 08:20, 17 January 2008 (UTC)

Gold Match--->Complete the Hades Cup
Hades Cup--->Seal Hollow Bastion keyhole and unlock all other tournaments
Hercules Cup--->Seal Halloween Town and Neverland keyhole
Pegasus Cup--->Complete Monstro
Phil Cup--->Seal Traverse Town keyhole
Platinum Match--->Seal Hollow Bastion keyhole

Cerberus Cup--> Clear Agrabah, Halloween, and Pride Land for the first time
Goddess of Fate Cup--> Clear previous cups and beat the first fight with Xemnas
Pain and Panic Cup--> Clear Disney Castle for the first time
Paradox Cups: Cerberus Cup--Except Final Form, Form levels must be at Lv. 5 and must unlock Paradox Cup: Pain and Panic
Paradox Cups: Hades Cup Clear all the previous cups, clear Space Paranoids for the second time, and have ALL forms and summons at Lv. 7
Paradox Cups: Pain and Panic--Clear all the previous cups
Paradox Cups: Titan Cup Summon level should be at Lv. 5 and have the Paradox: Cup Pain and Panic unlock
Titan Cup:Clear Olympus Coliseum for the second time
P.S: Blue already locked the talk template, therefore no one's gonna use it. --Nelo

Thank god. That box was driving me crazy as I scrolled down the pages. And um, I know it'll be a bitch to type, but where do I find the following:

  • Power Shards/Stones/Gems/Crystals
  • Lucid Shards/Stones/Gems/Crystals
  • Blazing Shards/Stones/Gems/Crystals
  • Frost Shards/Stones/Gems/Crystals
  • Mythril Shards/Stones/Gems/Crystals
  • Energy Shards/Stones/Gems/Crystals
  • Serenity Shards/Stones/Gems/Crystals

And Twilight Stones. They're almost as hard to find as those Twilight Gems, but not quite. You see, I've been told that Assasins, which are the only enemies that drop Twilight Gems, only appear in one place at the end of the game and the drop rate of the Gems was 4%. Anyway, thanks a ton and sorry to bother you! TheSwordofDoubt 13:30, 17 January 2008 (UTC)

No worries, see here, I've just covered KH's part recently.--N/A

Thanks! =D TheSwordofDoubt 14:13, 17 January 2008 (UTC)

you should check the Item synthesis list, there is a pretty good information about the items and I'm pretty sure that the assasins appear in more than one place, also you should do the 7 lucky lucky combo. it consist in that you equip the abilities lucky lucky to everyone of your party member (can't have guests) equip one lucky lucky ring to one of your characters and use all the lucky lucky items (Keyblade: Sweet Memories, Staff: Meteor Staff, Shield: Genji Shield Pablo618

I've already checked the list, I know about the Seven Lucky Lucky Combo(by the way, it worked like a charm.), and Assassins appear only at TWTNW at the end of the game, right before you fight Xemnas for the last time. TheSwordofDoubt 06:31, 18 January 2008 (UTC)