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Okay, we're starting to get a lot of images be deprecated that we can't easily clean up after because they are used in signatures. I'd like to ask anyone who uses images in their signatures to have those handled through a signature template called from your main signature preference, so that you can easily correct the images there, and then the revisions will update as the talk pages are edited. Also, in case you ever decide to change your user name too, it's probably safest to put your user links within the template as well.

For example:

If the signature is

<span style="font-family:papyrus">[[User:LapisScarab|<span style="color:midnightblue;">Lapis</span>]]<span style="color:black;">Scarab</span></span>'''[[File:Chrono Twister.png|30px]] 05:58, June 13, 2010 (UTC)

You would place

<span style="font-family:papyrus">[[User:LapisScarab|<span style="color:midnightblue;">Lapis</span>]]<span style="color:black;">Scarab</span></span>'''[[File:Chrono Twister.png|30px]]

on a template page, maybe named "Template:LapisScarabSig2", and change the signature preference to


This way, when an image or other link used within your sig is renamed, you just modify the template, and the links will correct as soon as people edit the page your sig was on.

I know that most of you already do this, and I thank you for it.

ALSO: I would like to know if anyone has any experience or info on setting up bots on a wiki. There are many tasks, like image-renaming or link correcting, which could be given to a bot instead of having us do it.

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Bot-wise, try asking around the Call of Duty Wiki, there is a Wiki bot there.EDIT: Also, is KK's message wider then the screen, or is it just me?

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*raises hand* So we move the signatures to a Template?
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If it has images in it, yes. It would be nice if you could correct your old signatures when you see them, too.
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Hopefully that will help in creating a bot.

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Actually, you need two templates (A and B). B has your actual signature, A has the {{}} link to B, then your signature in preferences links to A. This is because MediaWiki automatically changes your signature to a SUBST template, so when you post your signature, it will just post the CONTENT of the template. You can take a look at my signatures to see what I mean: User:Soxra/Sig, User:Soxra/AutoSig, and my preferences has automatically changed my signature to {{SUBST:User:Soxra/AutoSig}}.