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KrytenKoro - This is the song that runs under the credits; these are the credits, so this is where it goes. 'has nothing to do with the movie so we'll say, "Hey! Hey! Hey hey hey hey hey hey!"
I realize that there are a lot of editors from the wikia who have not decided to edit at this wiki, yet still had their profiles ported over. If you wish to not be on this wiki, and do not wish for your profile to be here, I can delete your user page and other pages from the wiki for you. I regret that I cannot remove your edits from the database, due to the edit conflicts it would cause, but I will do everything in my power to accommodate your request.

If you would like to have your profiles removed from this wiki, please contact me on the wikia at my talk page, and I will do as much as I can to remove you from our systems.