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Number XXI - Prepare to scream!
TALK - Best holiday wishes from Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King!
Hey everyone, its me, XXI. I know that I don't really do much on the wiki, and thats what I'd like to talk about. There are many people on this wiki, many of them making very important edits, and gaining much fame and prestige on this wiki. I've watched it happen. Friends of mine have rose to wiki-greatness, leaving me in the dust. But why? Why must it be this way? Edits have become MUCH harder to do! All the information is there, and the grammar police have checked it over thirce. how is a user supposed to make his way in this wiki? I'm sure im not the only one in a position like this. There must be other jobs for wikians to do! Respect should be given for other jobs besides editing! It's like we are in our own economic crisis, but the currency is edits. thats all i fellt like saying. Thank you for listening.