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i remember in an interview that nomura was making games about roxas' story, mickey's story, and riku's story. these were supposed to be during the other games. now that days and coded have been released, riku is the only one left. i think 3D is about rikus whole story since the first game, because there were screenshots of him and sora on destiny islands with their old clothes. any thoughts? you could be rightKhruler 01:26, July 23, 2010 (UTC)

Kingdomcode - A wise King once told me "We are One." I didn't understand him then. Now I do.
i don't think 3D will be about Riku because

1.both Sora and Riku are playable

2.the game will feature new worlds

3.the game's logo is almost the same as COM

4.the game features nobodys

so i doubt it will be about Riku's story but something like chain of memories

My theory is, at the end of coded.. SPOILERS!!!... they ll get stuck in the journal! ta da! that would explain why we see everyting as it was in the first kingdom hearts. tht would also explain why we see all the crazy stuff in the trailor, like a billion sora's raining from the sky! that just can't happen in real life. so theres my theory.

1.true 2.who says riku didnt go to other worlds than the ones we saw? 3.that doesnt meana nything 4.just because we didnt see them, doesnt mean they werent there. cant explain the twilight thorn though..........

Hey, I don't mean to burst your bubble here but... 1. Nomura stated that when he was talking about mickey's story, he meant while Mickey was in the Realm of Darkness, which means not Coded. 2. Coded's already out, so no need to make theories about what happens in it. 3. SPOILER 3D is gonna be about Sora and Riku's Mark of Mastery exam. Heartless Emblem.png Everyday, I take a 2 hour nap from one o' clock to four o' clock Heartless Emblem.png23:03, December 31, 2010 (UTC)