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SPOILER WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!![edit]

I dont know how to make the template, so listen up! if you want to experiance every shocking twist for the first time, THEN STOP READING RIGHT NOW. becasue most everything in here assumes a general understanding about the endings of BBS.

Sorry for the white long space and spoiler warning. anyways down to buisness. based on the endings of Birth by sleep I will venture to make the following predictions regarding, Ventus, Sora, and roxas.

Hypothesis 1: Ventus is a prince of heart.

there are 3 ways of wording this

  1. Ventus once rided of vaniats who was the physical personification of his darkness, Ventus was left with a pure heart and therfore can be treated as a "Prince" of heart.


  1. his spiritual defense mechanisms, were entirely brought about by the magic of Master Aqua sealing him in the chamber of waking.


  1. the effect was bought about as a result of some combination of 1 and 2. (most likely)

evidance for 1. includes the indenticle nature of his actions to kairi, his fractured but pure heart collapsed yet did not produce a heartless and instead took refuge in soras heart. leaving an inert but intact body.

evidance against 1. includes the fact that he simply is not a traditional "princess of heart" and there is no explict text (that I am aware of) that confirms such speculation.

the conclusion we can draw here is that 1 provides an accurate analogy for how his fractured heart and body behaved after breakdown, and 2 provides a likely explaination for why this was able to work.

Predictions:Roxas and the soras mach suicide

using the conclusion of the previous hypothesis, we can make a several predicion of what happend Roxas's heart durring soras, "Mach suicide" in wich he used the keyblade of peoples hearts to free kairis heart at the cost of his own.

  1. Sora's heart and ven's heart remain seperated but within the same body. When Sora became a heartless, Ven's heart was released and immeadiatly returned to soras body. thus giving Roxas his physical appearance, and is the reason he can sometimes feel, and may offer an explaination as to why he cannot remember anything.
  1. Sora's heart and ven's heart were fully integrated. Ven's heart remained within sora's heartless. Roxas is thus the nobody of both Ven and Sora, and his abnormality as a nobody is attributed to the conditions of his creation, vens pressense serves only to explain his physical appearance and contribute nothing to what we alredy new about him.(unlikely)

evidence supporting 1. Sora's appeareance is very similar to that of vaniatas, the missing portion of Ven's heart, this could mean that uniting with sora somehow completed ven, and the nobody meerly took the shape of the original. and it dose not contradict any offical source that i am aware of.

Why one isn't likely. one is a conservative Prediction, and dosen't realy explain anything and focuses on playing it safe.

Evidance supporting 2. The apperance of Roxas's awakening is the same template as ventus's however is filled with information about sora instead of roxas. Roxas displays emotional reactions to present situations, he can do this without memory because he posses Ventus's heart.

Evidance contradicting 2. Ven's heart should have returned to vens body the way that kairi's heart returned to kairis body. and its not supported by any cannon text.

this leades to another hypothesis regarding Roxa's and vens Memory. Why was he only able to gradualy remember sora?

my hypotheisis to this requires my second prediction to be true. this one is all speculation.

When Ven's heart enterd soras body, the body did not recognize soras heart and still thought it was a nobody, so it tried to draw on soras memorys for directions on how to react and feel however, since there was a heart in the body, the body automaticly went to the heart to retreive soras memorys but did not find any, causing the body to ignore those memorys entirely, meanwhile the ventus's heart was supressing his memorys for the good of his mental and posibly physical wellbeing, was able to start afresh. the ONLY evidance I have for this one is Roxas's reaction to entering castle oblivion making this one unlikely.

I have never thought so hard about a videogame in my life. any one else want to make coments or questions that would be great.--Foutlet 17:18, January 19, 2010 (UTC)

Man tag1 - We don't accept resignations.
TALK - 22:49, January 19, 2010 (UTC)True, we don't have hearts, but we remember what it was like, that's what makes us special.lulwhups.png
You forgot Vanitas cause he looks a lot like Sora (Vanitas Unmasked)

KingdomKeyDarkside - A scattered dream that's like a far-off memory. A far off memory that's like a scattered dream.
TALK - I want to line the pieces up, yours, and mine.20:01, January 20, 2010 (UTC)
Kingdom Key KHD.pngabout vanitas:ALL MY SPECULATION has anybody else noticed sora's hair color? dark as a 14 year old, light after KHI was over, light in COM and KHII, and light in BBS. vanitas was inside sora, making his hair darker, and him more suceptible to the darkness, until sora stabbed himself and freed his, kairi's, ven's and vanitas' heart. Roxas is a nobody, but one with a heart, and he is a sort of reincarnation of ven. vanitas' heart moved to riku, joining master xehanort's heart. Riku rid himself of Vanitas in C.O., letting Vexen create Xion(which explains xion's hair color.) however, they took the memories of kairi, and the two parts were constantly waging war inside xion. this also explains xion's actions at the end of 358/2 days(vanitas' hatred of ven, attacking him, the need to join together.). riku's body rid itself of MX with the data encoder, returning him to normal. when roxas willingly rejoins with sora, he returns ven's heart too. MX is still somewhere, probably in data, causing KHCoded. Vanitas is currently floating around as a free being, or was destroyed when xion died. there. that's my idea. Oh and that Xemmy is not MX's nobody, but actually Terra's. which makes me feel terrible about killing him at the end of KHII.