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first, it would take place in the Keyblade Graveyard, and The Castle That Never Was may be located at the top of that huge tall plateau, that spot where master xehanort revealed kingdom hearts in KHBBS, only that keyblade graveyard would look more disturbing, with all the areas of the canyon affected by darkness, including bottomless pits, and the sentient multicolored tornadoes return, there are darkness splotches looking like dark-purple mud pools, they form dangerous obstacles, touch one of these and you get swallowed by them, in which you die instantly, the music that plays in the first part is the keyblade graveyard theme from BBS, only with a bit more percussion and a bit more creepy, with ambient sounds, then you have to climb the tall plateau by using flowmotion wall jumping, you still have to be careful with that as flying heartlesses will assault you while you are wall jumping to the castle, the areas changed in the Kyeblade Graveyard are:

The Badlands: where bottomless pits and heartlesses are here.

The Seat of War: it also includes the pits and darkness splotches first appears here.

The Twister Trench: the multicolored tornadoes with bottomless pits here just makes it more dangerous.

The Ravine: a large chasm with large moving rock platforms and darkness splotches flying around.

The Keyblade Graveyard: the last section of the canyon, almost a sea of muddy darkness pools with only a few safe spots, almost all the keyblades in the graveyard are now moving platforms to help you cross the pools of darkness.

after that you wall jump climb the plateau in which the castle that never was is located at the top of the plateau, and you finally enter the Castle That Never Was.

the rooms of the castle are now a dangerous obstacle course, with some heartless to be found here, the obstacles involve nothingness, and the looks of the castle now look like a mix of a gothic castle/dungeon and a lab, all the rooms changed in the Castle That Never Was are:

Nothing's Call: the first room in the castle, it has a large floor with some nobodies and some floating blocks here, after 5 seconds the whole floor of the room dissapears leaving a bottomless pit behind, so jump on the floating blocks when the floor turns into nothing, after other 5 seconds the floor reappears again, and it continues.

Soundless Prison: an area with very little light, with some heartless and bottomless pits and a spike maze here, be very careful to not get lost.

Hall of Empty Melodies: an area where the fabric of space-time gets even more warped, it was the place where you fought Xigbar, but the place is now a obstacle course so it includes moving floors, teleporting platforms, platforms that dissapear into nothing when you step on it and Corridors of Darkness (those dark-purple wormholes), those corridors move horizontally or vertically, either leading into a safe floor or a bottomless pit so choose carefully, it's like that "Portal" video game.

Proof of Existence: the area that is a graveyard for deceased nobody members becomes a dangerous obstacle course here, in this area a wall of nothingness begins swallowing the area, so run as quickly as possible to escape the room while avoiding nobodies and heartlesses and bottomless pits.

Addled Impasse: the room where you fought Saix, a large chamber with a clear view of the Kingdom Hearts moon, this time is the real kingdom hearts, not the artificial one, it's more of a room to buy items here, nothing new.

Havoc's Divide: the area where you fought Luxord, it is now a large chasm with a walkway made of floating cards, many of the cards are safe to step in, others are fake and drop you into a bottomless pit if you step into it, in which the fake card dissapears, one way to tell which card is fake is to watch the fake card shake a bit, it's only a millisecond, so pay attention to the card maze.

Ruin and Creation's Passage: the biggest area of the castle, with invisible platforms around a gigantic chasm, pay attention as the platforms will become visible for a millisecond so you can memorize the platforms paths that you have to cross, the platforms will stay invisible for 10 seconds, then they becom visible in a millisecond, and it continues after the first part of the passage, you go to the second part of the passage, where there are large moving spotlights that indicate that anything outside the spotlight don't exist while anything inside the spotlights exist, like in one level of Super Mario Galaxy named "Matter Splatter Galaxy", you have to pay attention to the whole spotlights or else you fall into the abyss, and to make it worse there are nobodies in the first and second parts of the passage.

Altar of Naught: large tower area, where you have to ride a large elevator to get the very top of the tower, while on the elevator, there are dangers like spawning heartlesses and nobodies, blocks of nothingness that disintegrate you upon contact, the elevator itself sometimes creating moving holes, and near the end of the ride, the elevator tilting itself in a last effort to send you into a pit.

Delusive's Beginning: the last area of the castle, where you go to a long walkway and there is the last save point in the game, and a huge door, you enter the door and the level ends --Twisted616

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I want a full-developed world in the Realm of Darkness, poss. with dark versions of devoured worlds, and not just a few empty rooms like with End of the World (not that I dislike End of the World).

the music that would play in the castle is a creepy version of Sacred Moon, with organ and ambient noises --Twisted616