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how do you defeaet sephiroth its sooooo hard? im talking about both KH1 and KH2

In kh 2 what i do is spam trinity limit. Heres what you do, first, bring like 6 elixirs, assign trinity limit and berserk charge, and guard abilities. Also make sure you have at least high jump and aerial dodge lvl 1 higher levels will make it easier. Once the battle starts do the reaction command and start a combo, but before finishing the combo use trinity limit. just keep repeating when he finished a combo of his own. Once he starts a ground combo use guard to avoid damage. if he happens to knock you in the air instead of pressing O for aerial recovery, press[] for that counter aerial recovery ability{i forgot the name of it.} When he start floating in the air in place youll here him start hearless angel. immediatley attack him before completion. After depleting a set amount of health Sephiroth gets pissed and his attacks become faster and he now summons meteor o and the flame pillars you can pretty much guess what to do when he summons those as for the meteors just never stay in one spot for to long. Repeat as needed. hf1416