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Am I annoying you guys yet with all of my posts (^_^)? So, about the "Hellfire Club"... has Maleficent's group of villains from the first game ever been referred to officially by that name, or did someone here just label it as that? 'Cause if it's not official, that's somewhat misleading to readers. That and nobody would think to find the page about it by typing in "Hellfire Club"... I didn't even know there was a page on that until I accidentally stumbled on it. Wouldn't it be wiser just to call them the "Disney Villains Group" or the "Hollow Bastion Disney Villains", or maybe just "Maleficent's Group"... or something of that nature? What do you all think? Unless of course this is the group's official name, which I somehow missed.

And if that is, in fact, the group's actual name, on the page about it there should be details about exactly where this is mentioned in the series (as I know for sure it's never said in Kingdom Hearts or Kingdom Hearts II).