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I have a question. how is it, that if when you are defeated by a heartless, you turn into one? Aren't heartless created when the darkness in someone's heart overpowers the light in it? if so, then how does getting clawed by a shadow, or getting beaten up by a nobody, affect that?
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i believe that it can go both ways like someone can turn into a heartless from the darkness in their heart but also someone can lose their heart after being beaten by a heartless im pretty sure it can happen both ways. as for the nobody question i'm as confused as you

Number XXI: so by attacking you they, like, rip it out of your chest?

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i believe its by attacking you they insert the darkness into your heart so your heart is released basically i think it means what you're saying but they cant literally have people tearing hearts open since its an e game

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Maybe getting hit by a Heartless, which is a being of (quasi-)pure darkness makes the darkness in your heart get stronger?

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Earthshaker Keychain KHBBS.png Heartless have the power to take one's heart, after the darkness overpowers a being. They then sap that corrupted heart and multiply. Nobodies do NOT share this power. They collect hearts to become whole, an endless quest that we know all too well from KH2.