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See File talk:Dragonblaze (KHIIFM) KHIIHD.gif and File:Dragonblaze (KHIIFM) KHIIHD.gif.

I've said this several times before, but I don't believe the conversation ever really went anywhere, so I'm posting it here for community discussion, and hopefully this time, consensus.

I don't see the point in separating out images by HD ID. Ideally, we're only going to have HD images for the applicable games, so in the end we'd have huge unwieldy names for little reason. The aim seems to be to keep track of which images have HD replacements and which don't, but there's much better ways to keep track of that than something that requires permanent ill-ease of use. We should be categorizing the screenshots (alongside the original BbS/etc. categories) as belonging to the HD release. If we want to clearly communicate that the image is remastered, we can use a template like that at Memory Alpha, using an image from the image history. However, instead of uploading new files with unwieldy filenames, I strongly believe we should be uploading the higher quality images over the existing images, with their easy-to-use names, and marking them as remastered.

ShardofTruth Once you believe, truth and lie are quite the same thing. — 19:54, 19 June 2015 (UTC)
Game Clear Data KHRECOM.png While I agree, at least to a certain point, I think it's more complicated than that. We established the naming schemes so we could re-use the file names in case things with the same name look (or sound) different throughout the series or their Final Mixes (e.g. weapons, characters or music pieces). So it's not always about quality but about the differences.

Defining how important these differences are is the key to to the naming scheme. Is it important that a weapon uses a different texture in a Final Mix? Is is important that a character model was changed in the HD ReMIX and so did the official render? Is it important that the screen resolution changed in the ReMIX so the resulting cutscene/gameplay screenshot changed too? Is it important that an effect was changed in the Japanese release?
When do we want to keep all versions or do we need to keep all versions if all instances were quasi-replaced by a "higher quality" version? I'm not sure. All I know is that is that it's just the file name, no normal wiki visitor has to see it and we can still find all things by the same name with the search. Basically there is no harm done naming them this way to be consistent. The Memory Alpha obviously doesn't have this problem since their image naming policy is not as strict as ours.
I will agree though that the "suffix" is simply too long, although I understand the idea behind it, especially in cases where only one version is available on the wiki. In my opinion it would be enough to put a "HD" at the end and be done with it.

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If we need, for whatever reason, to present the pre-HD version of an image, I feel like we have two viable options:
  1. Upload the pre- version as a special image, with a parser callout like "(pre-HD)". I cannot conceive of a case where the pre-HD images would be general use, so naming them in this manner does not interfere with the various infoboxes in any manner.
  2. Link to the prior version of the image in the upload history.

Both of these options would allow us to have a more organized image set overall, with less cumbersome coding. One of the main reasons the image naming policy is so helpful as is, is because you very rarely have to be familiar with the image before you code for it. I can simply code "Ars Solum KHBBS.gif", with no prior visit to the Ars Solum page, and get the high-quality, preferred image I desire. This makes it much, much simpler for coding infoboxes when we want to as well. If the image doesn't appear, I can be comfortable knowing it simply doesn't exist, rather than having to search through the archives in case someone uploaded it under an unexpected name. New users who want to add an image to a new page can also be confident knowing that they have found the image the wiki wants as primary. I feel like if I was creating an article for Firewheel and didn't know how the policy worked, and my options were Firewheel KHBbS and Firewheel (KHBbS) KHIIHD, I'd think the first was the more appropriate one.

The (HD) parsers interfere with that system, not quite fatally.

ShardofTruth Once you believe, truth and lie are quite the same thing. — 12:56, 21 June 2015 (UTC)
Game Clear Data KHRECOM.png You're right. Maybe we should simplify the naming scheme by stating if there is no need to specificy the game's exact version (RE, FM, HD etc.) because the shown thing is essentialy always the same (apart from minor quality differences) then there should always the standard game parser be used. The about file template can always be used to explain the source and version further. It's not like I haven't done this before (with the new ReCoM cards for example or the new BBS item sprites).

I think this whole mess started with the new Sora render from Kingdom Hearts 1 (using the new model) and the new cutscene screenshot from Days (replacing this one).