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Here you can talk about stuff that has to do with gummies. Hey Ryan here, (ex/ Learner3), I was just going to ask about how teeny ship formations work. (and since there really appears to be no info, I'd thought I'd just describe how it work, then give them a name based on their action) BTw, Active formations fall under the topic. But, I never get the formations. Sure I know what some can do (like the spining ones help you eliminate targets without having to move to gte them, and the following one helps you clear swarms of enemies spawning in certain locations, but I have no Idea about the rampage formations. Please explain. Learner3 22:47, 21 March 2008 (UTC)

Hello. Me again. I have great news, I have figured out the second rampage teeny ship formation. (The teeny ships are colored blue in case that helps). At first I thought it meant that your ships follow you, until I saw the large ship displayed was facing down. Try to think of a 2-D game, you point up (you should) and enemies face point down. This means that things that face you should be enemies. So the picture that is shown in Kingdom Hearts 2 is your teeny ships swerving towards an enemy ship. This means your teeny ships Literaly move close to your enemies, and are basically right in their face. Situation this works best with: pretty much anything but much better when the enemies are following the same pattern. (Lets say 'Left then right and back to left' pattern of forward camera angle, with basic enemies, your ships move forward, and then they start destroying them like crazy, so if they are powerful, they can destroy them in seconds. btw, to get this formation, you need formation change AND be in Rampage mode, and pressing square even with active formation AP will not make a difference O_o) First formation (red ships ahead your ship) I assume is your ships are slightly ahead of you and aim for enemies, but I am not sure of active formation change. (they do not move to where then enemy is, they stay with you) Starting formation, (teeny ships are on opposite sides of you), and active formation is a spread fire. Spining formation I use the most, your ships will spin around you in a clockwise direction, giving a wider damage zone. (area where enemies can get hurt excluding lock-on weapons) and active formation makes them spin wider and faster and in a counterclockwise direction. Follow formation is just as it is, and active formation makes the teeny ships spin, and follow in a line, instead of trying to keep up. Frontward potition makes you have a more directed area of damage, meaning their shots will focus on your target, assuming your target is in front of you, but great on cruisers. I'm not sure of the active formation. And I also have trouble getting some gummies, Even with an Ultimate ship, (I made a donut ship and Called it Ultimatra, and the teeny ship Ultimira) But one main difference between a proper donut ship is that I have a cockpit, much more power. Phew. Anyone having trouble with getting 100% in a place? Cause I have a few places. P.S. I beat the 3rd mission Dreadonaught boss with one try in my Ultimira ship, and it was much faster then espected. The strangest part of the enemy was in the end, it had an awsome explosion, but,when it was defeated, lazers were piercing it, then it exploded, then it looked like it split in half, and a heart appeared and vanished, meaning this "thing" was a real heartless, after that, darkness, and then the gate appeared. This think took you to a Corridor of Darkness upon entering the gate with you. Learner3 17:13, 22 March 2008 (UTC)