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Okay, as you guys may or may not know, I've finished my Let's Play of Kingdom Hearts 1 quite some time ago, and I ended up getting all the goodies to ensure that I get the secret ending. One video in particular is something I believe the Wiki can use, and that's my dalmatian compilation video. Granted you have to go to youtube to fully utilize it, but I think it's an incredibly unique system.

Youtube video: (Forgive me if I was able to embed, I know how to make youtube videos, editing Wikis are a completely different venture haha)

Essentially for it, what you do, is click the icon for the world(appears around 15ish seconds in) and it'll bring you to a secondary screen within the video that will tell you what dalmations will be found in that world. Then for that world a short clip of me getting the dalmatians will be shown, as well as a word description of where to get it in the bottom left corner.

It was a ton of work back when I did it, because of the sheer editing it took. However, I'm largely satisfied with the result.. and you guys took a chance at affiliating with me for this LP, so you guys are free to use my LP, and this compilation guide. Ironically enough, this compilation guide is the only one of it's kind on youtube, from what I've seen.

Now my question moving forward, is that in a few months I do plan to LP Kingdom Hearts 2.. Are you guys up for me affiliating with the Wiki again? As always, I drive traffic to the site by always linking to the site in the description box, and now that I've gotten more popular, you guys should hopefully get some more traffic. Let me know!